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  • #51

    Emmanuel OGUNREMI (Freitag, 18 September 2020 17:13)

    Dear Aunty Sade,
    I am Emmanuel OGUNREMI from your home town Ikere, Ekiti State, Nigeria.
    You were nominated to be listed in IKERE HALL OF FAME but unable to get in touch with you. Ikere Hall of Fame was inducted to serve as source of inspiration to the young ones in the community. I will be happy if you can contact/reach me on +2348077453152 (call or whatsapp) for further details.
    Best Regards to your family and well wishers.

    Emmanuel OGUNREMI

  • #50

    Timothy Patrie (Donnerstag, 30 Juli 2020 09:42)

    Dear Sade,
    I relate with you so much about who you are. Every lyric, every gesture and pose feels like you’re communicating with me directly. I don’t know whether kindred spirits exist but if they do, you must be my kindred soul, and I find true solace in your music. I hope I could meet you someday. I’m a 21 year old art student, but the labels and honorifics only suffice a small window into who I am. Who that person is, I can’t say for certain. But he is kind, honest, and stands his ground, much like you. He treats others fairly, is reserved on the outside but shines bright within. With each smile there’s a glint of a sparkle. If you’d like to talk email me:
    If not I understand. I can only hope, but you can never force something to happen that doesn’t want to. In all honesty I feel we could carry out a really amazing conversation if we both found it worthwhile.
    Sincerely yours,

    Timothy Patrie
    Kalamazoo, Michigan USA

  • #49

    Steve King (Donnerstag, 04 Juni 2020 10:11)

    Hello Sade from one of your fans. I'm not sure if you will ever see this.

    It is June of 2020....the world is going to hell..... We hear that Sade only makes songs when she has something to say
    We see racism and killing going on....
    Can Sade just stand by in her comfy lifestyle and not say something about what is going on in the world right now?
    I would think if she ever wanted to voice her opinion it would be now with the Covid 19 scam ruining people's lives, the death of George Floyd sparking protests and riots worldwide.
    Can she be silent through all of this? We've never heard "serious opinion" songs from this woman before....we've heard happy songs, romantic songs, other interesting styles.....but what really does Sade have to say about the world?
    I am stunned by her silence!!!
    I challenge you Sade to make a difference with your voice right now!!! Or are you happy to just fade off into old age with a wimper???

    Steve King

    Btw.... I am 59 and single... Lol

  • #48

    Anthony Auriemma (Freitag, 08 Mai 2020 10:21)

    I have a very dear friend of mine who may find herself losing her 2,000 acres in Maui Hawaii.
    I would love nothing more than

    Rick Braun
    Richard Elliot
    Chris Botti

    To do a Covid 19 benefit concert to SAVE THE ISLAND.

    Can we count on you on you to play the island?


    Your immediate response is greatly appreciated as is all your time and consideration?

    CC: Rick Braun
    Chris Botti
    Richard Elliot

    We will all join at her 2,000 acres and play:


    Please help me contact the rest CC’d

  • #47 (Freitag, 28 Februar 2020 17:21)

    Dear Nala and André,

    You have made me very curious about the possibility to get into touch with artistess Sade so hereby would I like to ask for your contribution to help me.
    I am writing U since she is gonna have a concert in Budapest at the end of this year. It would be a great pleasure for me for excepting my invitation for a "no ordinary" but rather an extraordinary sight-seeing tour introducing memorabilites and history of Budapest if she honoured me being my guest.

    I wonder this message could be ever delivered to her that is why I kindly ask for your contribution.
    Certainly, as a complete stranger, I would voluntary provide her any information for developing the indispensable confidency regarding my person.
    As for the beginning steps I am hoping I could assure her at least 99% level of significance that my grafting is sincere and honest. I do hope she dares to ask me to prove my "bullet-proof" chivalry.
    Last but not least I wish I could thank you personally your contribution once you keep in touch with her. Ich sehe es gerade jetzt, dass euch in Kassel befindet. Wenn ihr wünscht könnten wird auf deutsch fortsetzen.

    I am hardly waiting to hearing from you.
    Many thanks,
    Viktor Kemény

  • #46

    luis perez (Dienstag, 18 Februar 2020 20:41)


  • #45

    Robert Creel Sr (Sonntag, 09 Februar 2020 21:13)

    Hi Sade,
    I just want to tell you how much I have loved your music since the beginning. I think you are so beautiful. I only wish I was your man. You are such a beautiful woman. Your voice makes me mesmerized. I cant take my eyes off of you. I love you. I wish I could see you in concert! Take care Sade. If I heard back from you I think I would be so happy I would be floating on air.

  • #44

    love you (Montag, 11 November 2019 20:07)

    thank you love

  • #43

    King Silva (Mittwoch, 11 September 2019 17:23)

    We are almost completing the plans to invite Sade to a musical concert in Lagos, we simply want to find out if this is possible. The sponsors are already waiting to hear from us.
    Sir, we are expecting to hear from you soon. Thank you.

    I live in Berlin Germany but I am from Nigeria.

  • #42

    Scott Partlow (Montag, 08 Januar 2018 05:13)

    I just want you to know how much I LOVE all your music, and a fan who cares about you and prays that everything in your life makes you happy, because you matter too me. I can't seem to keep all my cd's of your buy cuz they keep getting stolen from me, but I have a lot of memorabilia of you. when people if you're talking about me people will say what three things is he famous for it would say Sade, his Giorgio cologne, and his Virginia slim cigarettes. I hope you come back to Dallas soon I would love to see you take care of yourself love Scott

  • #41

    Szymon (Montag, 15 Februar 2016 15:21)

    I have a huge request to you! My girlfriend (and for 30 years have not met such a person), it turned out that he loves Your work - I got the impression that listens to you most! Exactly 18 February fall of its 33 birthday I born and I question whether >> Mrs. Sade would be able to record short greetings for "Agnes"?
    I know that a large request, but "conversation is the key, 'and people have to make happy :)

  • #40

    PAUL RUTZEN (Donnerstag, 04 September 2014 10:52)

    Hi Sade.
    We would love you to perform in South Africa. Your music is timeless, transcends all and in the spirit of our reconciliation between peoples in our country, a SADE TOUR IN SA will unite us even further.
    Merely contact us on and we would gladly put the tour together from here in CAPE TOWN. Fondest regards PAUL

  • #39

    LaRhonda Thomas (Montag, 01 September 2014 10:18)

    Sade, your music is as timeless as your beauty. So unique & different from any artist I've ever heard. Thank you for never selling out to the music industry. I love that you do your own thing. You are a rare gem, a one of a kind pearl. Your music touches, inspires, creates, soothes, rekindles, and carries me away into a blissful peace. Please, please, please keep writing and singing. This world needs your originality. If you were to ever sing Psalms, gospel, whatever...OMG! I can't even begin to imagine the sound! I love you my sister. God bless you.

  • #38

    mara Velas (Donnerstag, 21 August 2014 20:29)

    I have always listen to your music from my teenage years. I'm a hopeless romantic. And when I want to remember does good romantic feelings your music is the best.I love love your music.And The fact that you stay true to your self, by keeping your life private and not letting no one try to manipulate you into giving in more of your private life than you want. I LOVE THAT ABOUT YOU. Cuz I'm a very private person my self. You are a great example of what a really professional Lady should be like. You make me feel better about just giving the best in me without feeling or letting no one making me feel bad for letting then be intrusivE in my personal life.Great example for my daughter who was to be in the music industry. I love you, and never change. GOD BLESS.

  • #37

    Salome (Dienstag, 19 August 2014 08:57)

    Sade, I have been touched by your music. Please dont take too long to give us another piece of you.

    Stay Blessed

  • #36

    Abby Hinds (Samstag, 16 August 2014 15:41)

    I adore you ,your videos means so much to me the visusl love that comes from you I am so selfish with my knowlege and love of what it means to me. Not ordinary love so I give it back. It such a joy to tell you my sister how much I love and adore everything about you and the videographer with you. Dance I will do for you. Muse from you.Blessing and love abby

  • #35

    Esi (Dienstag, 05 August 2014 18:24)

    Following Andre and Nala's story has been insightful and the fact that they have been inspired by your music to create this project is super amazing.
    Ever since listening to 'Smooth Operator', I have been an instant fan. Your music is beyond description. Thanks for all you've given us. I hoping there is more music to come in the near future.
    Best wishes, Esi

  • #34

    Ashley martinez (Sonntag, 03 August 2014 22:39)

    Hello Sade ever since I was a child I have listened to your music and by far I think yours has the most meaningful message and so inspirational you inspire me and someone I have looked up to on musical influence I really hope one day to meet you and I'd just like you to know that you are forever in our hearts and constantly on our playlist
    Love -
    Ashley Martinez

  • #33

    the Rock (Sonntag, 22 Juni 2014 04:48)

    Hi my Lovers Rock,
    you are such a miracle. It is simply amazing, what you became, because you loved me so much.
    Very soon I will go on global TV. I am getting ready for it. I am really busy for a change. Then I will officially give you my love.
    In 99 Claudia Schiffer did that for me. I was the reason she left David Copperfield. I had the Claudia loves me show on monday to friday from 6.30 to 6.45 for three months on RTL. She was so sweet. Middle of december I zapped on my TV and there was the Rockrose again on the Austrian TV. She asked me to marry her and I said no to her, because it didn't feel right. I ended up saving her unexpectedly a second time and it was the category guy as Copperfield. He burnt her house down, because he wanted to stress her out, because he lost control over her. She is cleansing and coming my way. She had such an attraction to the devil, but no more, because he is history. I blew his fucking lights out.
    You watched over me with your love songs, so I could fight in peace. I am so sorry about you having been the King of Sorrow.
    Look for Poco Legend. That is my tattoo.
    This weekend it all starts with the raves. That's when the love is gone. I was invited to EDC in Vegas by the family, which is the biggest dance event in the world.
    Very soon we will rock your planet my little Sadarta.
    You will see me soon and then I will see you.
    von Hart is hard - my aristocratic title.
    I adore you, love you and worship you.
    I thank you for all your love.
    Your pure and graceful, peaceful Hard Rock

  • #32

    the Rock (Samstag, 21 Juni 2014 11:38)

    My own woman doesn't reckognize me> Wake up or I will destroy you with your ridiculous fame. Human bullshit has no meaning.
    Wake up or I will wake you up and it will hurt so much, polluted by the devil.
    You are so ridsiculous, it is embarassing with your stupid fame. Find yourself or I will show you the4 waty!!!

  • #31

    the Rock (Samstag, 21 Juni 2014 07:21)

    your true love will be officially on world wide TV very soon. So relax, wait and and enjoy the moment to come very very soon. I am yours. You are mine. True love needs to be special.
    i know you would give me the world, if it was yours, but it will mine and I will give it to you,

  • #30

    the Rock (Mittwoch, 18 Juni 2014 05:27)

    I remember and you are right. It is all about faith and it is all about trust. Please forgive me that it took so long. I will sse you soon. Nothing can come between us. I love you into the light of eternity.
    your Hard Rock
    P.S.: the website is my home and I am in LA

  • #29

    Mbari Hogun (Freitag, 16 Mai 2014 21:35)

    I Love You Helen ~

  • #28

    jack blaha (Dienstag, 22 April 2014 09:21)

    hi.. love your music since i was a child... sadly i missed your concert in vienna... and on your homepage i miss some new tour dates. since i watched your live dvd over and over i would travel the world to enjoy your live performance with your great band!! greets from austria... jack

  • #27

    Brett White (Dienstag, 22 April 2014 08:51)

    Hello Sade

    My name is Brett White, I am your number #1 fan.
    I wanted to say, I have been a lover of your music for years.
    I am a member of Sade Fans International ( SFI )

    I sent you this Valentines Day Card to Sony Music Entertainment, UK
    I put it in the attention of Lawrence Boakes, so I hope you receive it .

    I wanted to make sure you received this Valentines Day Card I designed it myself.
    As far as you Birthday. The birthday Ice Cream Cake that was made was delicious.
    Myself and My Co Workers enjoyed every piece.

    Your Solider of Love Tour I attended in Atlanta Georgia on July 13th 2011 was outstanding
    I'm am from Dallas, Texas. I knew I would miss your Dallas Show because I work overseas in Afghanistan, so I cut my vacation short in Rio de Janerio, Brazil to attend your concert in Atlanta that same travel day 10 and half hours from Rio.

    It has been an honor and privilege to Send this Card too you.
    Take care and many many more successful years in Music.

    Your Friend and 1# Fan
    Brett White

  • #26

    Chantel (Nee Stevens) Williams (Montag, 21 April 2014 17:41)

    Hi Sade, 21 April 2014

    Your music has inspired me from a young age and has taught me so much about love, loss and getting back up when life knocks you. You are an artist in every sense of the word.

    I admirer you. I hope that someday I can meet you in person. No other female vocalist alive or who has lived has you ability to interpret everyday life in such a majestic and magnificent manner.

    I am in awe of you. I am 36 years old, mixed race female from South Africa and have two daughters. My greatest desire is to someday meet you in person would be a dream come true for me.

    God bless Chantel

  • #25

    Dina El Roubi (Dienstag, 25 März 2014 21:50)

    Dear Sade,

    As Andre says "thank you for your music"..

    My name is Dina El Roubi,
    I am from Sudan and my mother tongue is Arabic..
    I am a huge fan and I love you and your music...

    I hope we meet in person one day!


  • #24

    Michael Korn (Samstag, 22 März 2014 12:55)

    Dear Sade,
    hope my old schoolfriend Andre can finally meet you now after a long trip through Africa.Greetings and the best wishes from Phuket/Thailand,Michael Korn

  • #23

    Omar Abul (Donnerstag, 20 März 2014 18:50)

    Dear SADE,

    When I first heard that you were gonna perform in Yas Island, Abu Dhabi and that it will be the end of your worldwide tour; I had to attend and not miss this golden opportunity.

    So, I took almost 8 hours long road trip all the way from the Kingdom of Bahrain.

    And it was worth every second of that exhausting trip. Your concert was and still the best concert I've seen compared to other concerts by other well known artists.

    It was absolutely flawless and I wish I could go back in time to relive it. And what was like a cherry on top is when you looked at me and smiled during Soldier of Love song!

    I Felt like melting! One thing made me so sad about your concert, and that was being not lucky enough to take a picture with you!

    Hopefully, next time? Over 2 years and still waiting...

    Love and admiration from your biggest fan from the Kingdom of Bahrain,

    Omar Abul
    East Riffa,
    Kingdom of Bahrain

  • #22

    Trellis (Donnerstag, 13 März 2014 21:37)

    Hello Sade, Greetings from Austin, Texas. Please come back one day! :)

    Love you,

  • #21

    Bradley O'Brien (Samstag, 04 Januar 2014 07:48)

    I am a Band Director in Chicago, after reading all the nice messages already posted I feel it has all been said. While you may never see this message and you hear this all the time, both you and your music are simply stunning. The place your music takes me to when I put on one of your records (yes records) cannot be put into words, you simply just have to let the music take you there and experience it for yourself. I hope one day I hear an announcement of a Chicago performance. Thank you and God Bless

    Bradley O'Brien
    Chicago IL

  • #20

    Sonya Gorrell (Samstag, 21 Dezember 2013 06:38)

    Dear Sade, Stuart, Andrew, and Paul,

    My name is Sonya Gorrell. I have been a big fan of you all since I first heard your music in the 80s. I grew listening to your music and remember watching the videos to your music on MTV. I want to thank you for such lovely and memorizing music. You are the only band that I am a such a huge fan of and their is no other band like yours. Your music has always been there for me when I was in times of feeling happiness, sadness, joy, and basically any kind of emotion I was going through. I enjoyed having your music throughout many experiences in my life. One special experience in my life when I had your music was when I had my son. I would always dedicate "The Sweetest Gift" to him because he is one of the greatest gifts that God sent to me. Another special experience in my life when I had your music was when I got married. My husband and I are both fans of yours and our wedding song was "All About Our Love." Your music has made many times my husband and I am together very special times. My husband and I have went to two of your concert tours. Both concerts we went to were in New Orleans, Louisiana. We went to "The Lovers Rock" tour in 2001 and "Soldier of Love" tour in 2011. I thank you for those wonderful experiences hearing your music live and I did not want those nights to ever end. Your music was there for me when I was adjusting to living away from my family. Your music was there to comfort me. I just want to say that I love your music and I am a forever fan.


    Sonya Gorrell
    I am originally from Opelousas, Louisiana, and living in Baytown, Texas in the United States

  • #19

    option nyahunzvi (Freitag, 13 Dezember 2013 15:35)

    thank you SADE .i meet Andre in Zimbabwe and i am part of the project.m so proud of it.

  • #18

    Todd G. Ponder (Dienstag, 10 Dezember 2013 21:50)

    I just received a phone call from Bill (in Tucson, Arizona) and he wanted me to let you know that he fullfilled his promise to you to get in touch with me. He and his wife just returned from Zimbabwe and said that you had received my letter! I was excited to get the news! I hope my letter and request get to Sade in hopes that she can contact me. I also want to offer my school's services to the NALA Project - is there a way that my school can get involved? I wrote a letter on October 29 which is posted on this site. If you can contact me I would love to find out if there is a way we can get involved in the NALA project. Best wishes to you and warmest regards.

    Todd G. Ponder
    Associate Principal
    Tortolita Middle School
    Tucson, Arizona 85742

  • #17

    Mona (Freitag, 29 November 2013 06:04)

    Hi Sade' . Just a quick hello !!
    Hi to all the band !
    im at :
    the mix was sent to facebook.

  • #16

    Todd Ponder (Dienstag, 29 Oktober 2013 03:58)

    Dearest Sade,

    My name is Todd Ponder and I am currently the Associate Principal at Tortolita Middle School in Tucson, Arizona. I have always been mesmerized by your music and the passion in which your deliver your gift to the world. As an Associate Principal I try to provide experiences for my students that will touch them and have a positive impact on them now and in their future. I am trying to contact various artists that have had a strong impact in my life in an effort to raise their awareness of all the beauty the world truly has to offer. This Friday, November 1, we have Grammy Award winning Country music artist Bryan White visiting our campus to speak and perform for our students - I am so excited that he responded to my invitation and is willing to do this to help and support our students. I am writing you in hopes that you will accept my invitation to travel to Tucson to speak and perform for my students as well. This would not only be exciting for me but I know my students would be elated to have a world-wide talent such as yourself accept my invitation and visit our school. I look forward to hearing from you and talking about how we can make this a reality in the near future. Please feel free to contact me at any time.


    Todd G. Ponder
    Associate Principal
    Tortolita Middle School
    Marana Unified School District
    Tucson, Arizona

    4101 W Hardy Rd
    Tucson, AZ 85742

  • #15

    Andrej Gylan (Dienstag, 20 August 2013 10:54)

    for you Sade...

    My dreams short story

  • #14

    Shadli (Donnerstag, 11 Juli 2013 07:37)

    Hi Sade
    I love your music and so do so many South Africans.

    When you coming to Cape Town?

    Take care, and looking forward to seeing you live in Cape Town.

    Lotsa luv Shadli

  • #13

    Teodora Cherneva (Mittwoch, 03 Juli 2013 09:38)

    Hi my lovely Sade. I loved it the first time that I heard on the radio.Whatever I write here, will not be enough....but be sure that you're my biggest dream in life...I love you so much, and I'd like to thank you for that visit my country Bulgaria. It was incredible and amazing experience for me, and for all of us . You gave me the sweetest gift-true love and music <3 Thank you again and I love you <3. I hope one day I met you. Best regards from Bulgaria ( Hug )

  • #12

    Mona (Dienstag, 02 Juli 2013 04:57)

    Dear Sade'Adu.

    I'd like to thank you for the experience to have your music with me
    in my life. You are sensational talent. Great music and writings.

    4forever enjoying the SOUND~
    ~ Mona Ego ~ [HIDALGO] Conge'
    poet. music producer, arranger,mixes, mastering, composer, recording engineer, lyricist, musician, artist personal manager, fashion designer and sketch artist, comedian and & French smoker and kisser (LOL) so what if Ii. flirt. Love ya Sade' anyway
    I keep busy and love you lots.
    my email is
    or use for anything

  • #11

    donavan hall (Donnerstag, 20 Juni 2013 10:31)

    its been along time its been along time since we could fly with the moon and the sky by your side now aS WE GROW CLOSER WITH SMILES ON OUR FACES AND STARS IN OUR EYES BACK TO DISGUISE,LOVE DONAVAN

  • #10

    Andreas Kweyo (Dienstag, 18 Juni 2013 19:26)

    Dear Sade

    Please don't let Andre Down
    Please make your way to Southern Africa, you will also get to enjoy the landscapes of Southern Africa and probably make a song about it too

    Much Love and Respect
    Andreas Kweyo aka Uncle Moron
    from Windhoek, NAMIBIA


  • #9

    Elvira Hamp (Samstag, 25 Mai 2013 00:12)

    Nala's journey through Africa connected with Sade is a brave initiative created by one man, planned with love and dedication, to show all of us that dreams can be fulfilled if you put your mind to it and have the courage to act. This journey is a powerful message in motion. May there be many more to follow this example. May Sade be the voice of this amazing journey together with Nala, Andre and this amazing message. Success and love to all.

  • #8

    Marie Fletcher (Samstag, 27 April 2013 15:25)

    Dear Sade, Stuart, Paul and Andrew:

    My name is Marie Fletcher and I'm writing from Madrid, Spain.

    I would like you all to know that I love your songs and especially the lyrics.

    I've just used so many times your songs to convey feelings of love, friendship, support, etc. Drawing from personal experience, I must say that there is practically always a Sade song for each and every occasion.

    I realize you all need to take some time off to devote to and spend with family, friends and, in one word, enjoy life and yourselves. but we fans do miss you a lot. It would be great if we wouldn't have to wait another ten years to have a new Sade album released. OK, just take your time. We have Tons Of Patience. Anyway, you folks know We Are There By Your Side.

    Last but not least, thank you so, so much for all the good times listening to your music has given me and made me feel.

    You all take care.

    We miss you and we think of you.

    Un saludo desde España.
    (Greetings from Spain).

    One big, big hug.


    Marie Fletcher

  • #7

    Mauricio Pupo (Samstag, 06 April 2013 18:00)

    Maurício Pupo
    São Paulo, SP, BRAZIL

    "Todo amor é para sempre. 'Para Sempre' é o tempo do Amor" (Vanessa L., in memoriam) - see translation below.

    Dear Sade,

    It is hard to say anything that hasn´t already been said. Only your music and lyrics can express what I feel for you and the band. I discovered you just a few years ago with "Is it a Crime", and was deeply touched by the lyrics that, like nothing else, expressed my feelings for a woman whose lies I could ´see through´ and whose love for me is still a crime, given her married status she was unable to break... Oh my ... you made me cry for real, and for the frst time with a song.

    They have been such a healing balm and such a force in my life I don´t have words to thank. The black&white video of Nothing can come Between Us, the dance with Leroy, I can´t explain the magic of it all... It makes me explode of joy.

    Paul, Stuart, Andrew, mesmerizing in their musical arrangements.

    I´d also like to share something very special. The greatest love of my life, Vanessa used to say that ´every love is forever, for Forever is the tense of love´ (translated from the Portuguese above). She was a poet. So you may have got that from your hardships in relationships too, no matter how incredible I find it happening to you.

    "Unfortunately we´re no longer together, but Vanessa was crazy for horses. No kidding..."

    So when I saw you too riding horses in videoclips etc, and learned of your love for them, can you imagine the hit it was. Vanessa was devoted to St. Francis of Assisi, then I heard you had visited his church in an interview, thought you too are a devotee.

    So I do definitely believe in a big and strange connection among us all.

    When I read you were coming to my town in Brazil... I THREW A PARTY HERE!! Best time of my life in Rio. Soldier of Love, Skin, Morning Bird, Love is Found, all love at first sight for me.

    What else? Please don't die before me. I'm already 39, so if you hang on till your 90's I promose I'll applaud you, even singing from a wheelchair. Lol

    Thank you for having made such a difference in my life. Please come to Brazil again.

    From yours


  • #6

    Marius (Dienstag, 02 April 2013 14:02)

    Hi SADE
    I met Andre on the second day of his tour through Africa and decided to check out his website. I don't have much time to listen to the radio and thus did not know your music. However, fortunately my children were quick to educate me and now SADE is one of our main YouTube hits. Come to South Africa. If Justin Bieber tickets could be sold out in one hour then surely it would only take a few minutes to sell out our largest sports stadium with SADE tickets. 2014?

  • #5

    Marie Fletcher (Samstag, 16 März 2013 20:59)

    Villa del Prado, Madrid, Spain, March 16, 2013

    Dear Sade, Paul, Andrew and Stuart:

    My name is Marie Fletcher and I am writing to you from Villa del Prado, a village which is located 60 kilometers SW of Madrid.

    I saw you all in concert in April or May of 1993 at a gig you played in Madrid at Palacio de los Deportes (Sports Palace) as the presentation and promotion of your album "Love Deluxe". Wow!!! I really had a great time. Unfortunately, I had to go alone since none of my friends is a Sade fan. Still, I enjoyed myself very much.

    I hope someday you can play Madrid again.

    Warm regards.


    Marie Fletcher


    Marie-France Fletcher Bermejo (This is my full name)
    Madrid, Spain

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    mahmood alzoube (Freitag, 01 Februar 2013 23:57)

    hello sade . i'am mahmood alzoube from jordan
    I would like you to pray for success are seeking to do and God willing further progress and success my friend Andre I wish you success in all that trying to do sincere friend Mahmoud al-Zoubi
    my email :

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    Reem Al-Abdulrazzaq (Montag, 21 Januar 2013 11:02)

    Reem Al-Abdulrazzaq is your most craziest fan from KUWAIT who's trying her BEST to catch your ATTENTION!!! HAAA HAAA!!! Ok..let's get serious...I've been your fan since DAY 1 and your music has helped me overcome so much obstacles in my life! Very Inspirational! I feel I'm so connected to you in many ways. Some of your songs kinda talks about my life in general. First time I saw you @ Wembley Arena, London in 1988 while I was a art student back then. I gave you a small .... I think it was a GARFIELD...LOL! And you gave me a flying kiss...You made my day..Girl! :-) Then I met Tony Momrelle in Abu Dhabi concert ..strolling about..thinking nobody is gonna recognise him..BUT GUESS WHAT??? I CAUGHT HIM!! LOL! Well, I gave my Booney hat that I made for you to Tony to give it to you..I hope you liked it :-) Just to let you know that 2011 was a great year for us SADE fans....I followed you guys starting from London then Phoenix, Las vegas then Abu Dhabi. Pls don't disappear on us for too long! All the best and Love u Loads..SHARD! .... Best Wishes from KUWAIT..Reem :-) Name: Reem Al-Abdulrazzaq Country residing in: Kuwait Email:

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    Bernardo Di Caprio (Sonntag, 20 Januar 2013 02:55)

    Hello Sade. I'm from Germany and I live in Asia, the Philippines. Many years ago I lived in South Africa and I know the music. I love your songs so much Furthermore, a lot of success and good luck. Your admirers Bernardo Di Caprio



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