Boniface Maina



Place of birth:  Nairobi / Kenya  Date of birth: unknown
Residence today: Nairobi / Kenya  Workplace: Brush Tu Art Studio, Buruburu, Nairobi
Majors: Paintings in acrylic
Email:  Tel.  +254 725 128 302

Wendy Kariuki



Place of birth: Nairobi / Kenya  Date of birth: October 1991
Residence today: Nairobi / Kenya
Workplace: Dust Depot Art Studio (former Railways Art Gallery)
Majors: Paintings in Acrylic, pastels on canvas
Email:  Tel. +254 729617040
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David Thuku



Place of birth: Nairobi / Kenya  Date of birth: January 1985
Residence today:  Nairobi / Kenya Workplace:  Brush Tu Art Studio, Buruburu, Nairobi
Majors: Paintings in oil and acrylic
Email:  Tel. +254 723 087 948


Born in Nakuru, and a beneficiary of Langalanga Scholarship fund ( David attended Buruburu institute of Fine Arts (BIFA) attaining a Diploma, Drawing and Painting option. He experiments on many materials and art aproaches, murals, illustrations, drawings and crafts but his favorite is oils on canvas. He has worked alongside many other established artists, participating in a number of exhibitions both local and international. He is a founding partner of Brush Tu Art Studio.

Joan Otieno



Place of birth: Siaya / Kenya  Date of birth:  May 1983
Residence today:  Nairobi / Kenya  Workplace:  Railways Museum Art Studio, Nairobi
Majors:  Paintings in acrylic
Email:  Tel.  +254 715 285 318
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John Kariuki



Place of birth: Nairobi / Kenya  Date of birth:  unknown
Residence today:  Nairobi / Kenya  Workplace:  Dust Depot Art Studio, Nairobi
Majors:  Paintings in Oil
Email:  Tel.  +254 711 350 479
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Lia Berhane



Place of birth:  Asmara / Eritrea  Date of birth:  unknown
Residence today:  Nairobi / Kenya  Workplace: Railways Museum Art Studio, Nairobi
Majors:  Paintings in acrylic, woodcut prints
Email:  Tel.  +254 704 153 073
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Michael Musyoka



Place of birth: Nairobi / Kenya  Date of birth:  26.May 1986
Residence today: Nairobi / Kenya  Workplace:  Brush Tu Art Studio, Buruburu, Nairobi
Majors:  Paintings in acrylic, 
Email:  Tel.  +254 724 084 751


Michael Musyoka is a fine artist who mostly uses acrylic as his medium.


This is a common choice for many artists, but it is the way he renders his subjects that separates this 27-year-old visual artist from the rest.


He defines his work as dreamy or fanciful, which is almost abstract, but with several layers of realism to it.


It is the kind of art that makes you stare, wondering how many facets are depicted in the painting. It is as if they can be defined at first glance, but a few minutes later, a second, third or even fourth perspective is revealed.

The paintings make one want to reach out and touch them as the eyes are easily led to believe that it is a 3D structure.


His current collection called ‘Song of the Unsung’ is inspired by African musical instruments especially from Kenya. It is his way of celebrating these native pieces.



The ‘Obokano’ painting is a futuristic depiction of the string instrument popular among the Abagusii. It’s as if an electric guitar has been intricately fused with the original instrument. Parts of the painting darken to reveal depth.

The other is the ‘Wandindi’ painting. It is rich with hues of off white and brown, which complement each other beautifully with a pop of orange.


A single string runs almost at the centre of it. Somehow, one can see the instrument but cannot help notice the underlying futuristic aspects about it.

The painting, ‘Maasai’, is from a separate collection. What strikes me about it is that it is a portrait of a man who seems to have focused his gaze straight into the eyes of the viewer. His face is seamed invisibly by strips.


Art really does pay the bills for this versatile painter

The artist tries as much as possible to be versatile with his subject matter, but the one thing that they all have in common is the dreamy and surreal fine blending detail.

Michael attended the Buru Buru Institute of Fine Art, from where he graduated in 2012 with a diploma in Art and Design, majoring in Drawing and Painting.

He is inspired by different things around him. The way he is socialised plays a major role when coming up with themes. He loves comics, anything graffiti related, music and movies that have futuristic themes.


“It is artists like Bank Slave who greatly inspire my work. He is a graffiti artist,” Michael says. His journey has not been easy.


During his time in college, Michael waited tables in an upmarket restaurant to pay his way through college, but at some point, he was forced to stop working because demands at school would clash with his work schedule.

Eventually, he had to defer some semesters. As fate would have it, he was fortunate enough to meet a private sponsor who paid his fees until he graduated




Together with two other artists, he owns a studio in Buru Buru called Brush Tu Arts

They do all sorts of art related activities like painting backdrops for stage plays and wall branding for corporate offices but they focus mainly on murals for homes.

“Our clients so far have comprised of people who would like to paint murals in their homes especially in their children’s bedrooms,” he says.


Michael’s pieces sell for as much as Sh100,000, depending on the size of the painting. He has held a group exhibition at the National Museum and is planning his first solo exhibition.

He entirely lives off his art, shattering the myth that art is not a marketable career.


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Michael Musyoka is an artist who doesn’t believe in having a particular style when it comes to creating art. This is because it tends to be restrictive. He has been having hunger for art since he was young and having attended Buruburu Institute of Fine Arts (BIFA) 2009-2012, he has seen himself nature his talent. He is a co-founder of Brush Tu Art Studio, one of the fastest growing art collectives in Kenya alongside David Thuku and Maina Boniface. I got a chance to catch up with Mike at Brust Tu art studio to learn more about his art and current pieces.


Michael has showcased his artworks at various art exhibitions and those that stood out for him was a group show exhibition at Glocal Art Gallery in Denmark, ‘Finding Voice’ , 2014 at the Village Market and ‘This for that Exhibition’, March 2016.


Mike describes himself as an observer, keen on watching human behavior in society which guides his pieces. His work can be categorized into two styles. First, Social-political where he refers mwananchi to the pawn (chess). In his art pieces, he has streets labelled “Pawn Street.”


Through a series dubbed ‘Hunting Grounds.’ we get to a feel the taste of politics and how it affects us as a society. Once you board a Tuk Tuk (as your cab), alight and get to your house, the cab leaves and there you are left alone. The Tuk-Tuk in this case referring to the politicians who like taking us for a ride by making promises and never delivering.


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Elias Mungora



Place of birth: Nairobi / Kenya  Date of birth:  4.November 1992
Residence today: Nairobi / Kenya  Workplace:  Brush Tu Art Studio, Buruburu, Nairobi
Majors:  Paintings in oil, 
Email:  Tel.  +254 716 191 802
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Waweru Gichuhi

Place of birth: Eldoret / Kenya  Date of birth:  11.August 1989
Residence today: Nairobi / Kenya  Workplace:  Brush Tu Art Studio, Buruburu, Nairobi
Majors:  Paintings in acrylic, 
Email:  Tel.  +254 728 667 822

My name is Waweru Gichuhi. I was born in Eldoret on 11/08/1989.

I have had shows all over Nairobi from The Russian Embassy, The Village Market,

The National Museum, The Artspace, The Safaricom Michael Joseph Centre to private shows in Private homes..

Gloria Mwange

Place of birth: Whittier, California / USA  Date of birth: 1996
Residence today: Nairobi / Kenya  Workplace:  Nairobi, Kenya
Majors:  Paintings in acrylic 
Email:  Tel.  +254 719 202 751

The Nala Project Exhibition in Nairobi is the first official exhibition I've displayed work for... The others were small school art exhibitions like in Daystar University.


Art Statement:


My name is Gloria Ndanu Mwange. I'm 19 turning 20 soon and I'm a self taught artist. My major is Electron Media in Daystar University. I have grown up in an artistic environment and studied some art units. As a surrealist artist, I enjoy different styles of art and using all sorts of mediums to express concepts. I don't believe in limiting yourself to one style. As a growing artist, I'm inquisitive and interested in learning new styles and forms of art. I hope to connect and inspire many in my near future using my art work.


Sam Githinji



Place of birth: Nairobi / Kenya  Date of birth: unknown
Residence today: Nairobi / Kenya  Workplace:  Railways Museum Art Studio, Nairobi
Majors:  Paintings in oil on Canvas and Paper
Email:  Tel.  +254 700 613 807
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Samuel Njoroge



Place of birth: Nyeri / Kenya  Date of birth: 1971
Residence today: Nairobi / Kenya  Workplace:  Railways Museum Art Studio, Nairobi
Majors:  Paintings in acrylic 
Tel.  +254 733 425 731
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George Ngaruiya



Place of birth; Ngecha / Kenya  Date of birth;  6.May 1975
Residence today:  Ngecha / Kenya  Workplace: Ngecha Art Studio, Ngecha, Kenya
Majors:  Paintings in acrylic, Sculptures out of Metall.
Tel.  +254 728 815 395
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Peter Ndirangu

Place of birth: Nairobi / Kenya  Date of birth: unknown
Residence today: Nairobi / Kenya  Workplace:  Railways Museum Art Studio, Nairobi
Majors:  Paintings in acrylic 
Email: coming later  
Tel. +254 712 038225
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Ron Lukes

Place of birth: Nairobi / Kenya  
Date of birth: 1994
Residence today: Nairobi / Kenya  
Workplace:  Kobo Trust, Nairobi, Kenya
Majors:  Paintings in acrylic 
Tel.  +254 718 487682

Ron Enoch Lukes is an artist born in 1994. Graduated in 2014 with a diploma in Fine Art & Design from Kenyatta University. He does Realistic and surrealism styles in painting, Had exhibitions in the Nairobi National Museum, the shifteye gallery.


A number of group exhibitions and art competitions such as; Manjano,

Room for giants competition which I was the third price winner.


I am very glad to particepate in the Nala Exhibition in Nairobi / Kenya, Leipzig, Mainz and Kassel / Germany.



Leevans Linyerera


Leevans Linyerera is a Kenyan born artist under the tutelage of Partrick Mukabi.


I am inspired by emotions and human behavious towards each other my love for art stared in high school where i honed my skills for 1 year and picked up again in 2014 after i met Partrick Mukabi at the go down arts center I proficient with acrylics charcoal ink and anything my eyes see as a medium


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