Short Trip from ADDIS ABABA to ARBA MINCH in the South of Ethiopia.

October 2015





This is just a few images of Addis Ababa.

More Photos are following. 


AXUM ( Northern Ethiopia ) 15.9.- 17.9.2015

Obelisk Park Axum, Queen Sheba´s Bath, King Kalebs Tomb, King Ezana´s Inscription and surrounding of Axum. 

10.9.2015 - 13.9. 2015


4 Days Trip to the Danakil Depression (168 meter below sea level )

and the Erta Ale Volcano ( Lava Lake) at the Afar Region, Northeast Ethiopia

(approx 50km before the Eritrean Border. 


Salt Lake (10.9.2015)

Danakil Depression (168m below sea level)  11.9.2015

On the Way from The Danakil depresion to Erta Ale Volcano at 43°C  (12.9.2015)

From Erta Ale Volcano back to Mekele (13.9.2015)

Lalibela, Ethiopia 4.9. - 6.9.2015

Lalibela, Ethiopia  4.9. - 6.9.2015

Addis Ababa - Debrezeit - Addis Ababa

Arrived in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia  5.August 2015