Photos from the 3rd NALA Exhibition in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 


Herewith I would like to say a big “Thank you” to all the Artists from Ethiopia who participate in The NALA Project.


Your done amazing Artworks, unique and with a big effort. Your Artworks will also shown in the NALA Exhibition in Nairobi, Kenya on 19.November.


My “special Thank´s” goes to Ephrem Solomon, who was helping me so much here in Addis with show me around Addis Ababa, contacting the Artists, collecting the artworks, organize the exhibition, display the Artworks (together with Tewodros Bekele) and much much more… Thank you, Ephrem..


My other “special Thank´s” goes to Mifta from the Guramayne Art Center, who hosted The NALA Exhibition.

Thank you so much for this Opportunity.


Thank you to all the (approx 130) Guests who visited The 3rd NALA Exhibition.

It was a great evening.



Kind regards

André Pilz and little NALA.