NALA Artworks from RWANDA

JMV Munezero, Isakari Umuhire , Dolph Kayitankore, Jean Baptiste Rukundo, 

Abraham Nuru, Bonfils Ngabonziza.


NALA´s Peace

Artwork painted by Abraham Nuru, Ivuka Art Center Kigali / Rwanda 2015

Acrylic on canvas



NALA´s Peace


On my trip through Africa, I always came back to my own limits.

I never thought that I can ride as far, but I did it. I will therefore also create the second stage, passing through West and North Africa, but one thing I learned and it is very important. -


- Peace -


The own peace, but peace with the people, the animals and nature through which I cycled every day. I respect all people, whether small, large, thick, thin or goofy.


Everyone has something unique, every one is special. Especially the children are in my heart, because they are so sweet, peaceful and they can tell very great stories.


So people go peacefully to each other. Have love in the heart, and  freedom in the thoughts.


with much love regards from somewhere. (Hihi)

Yours  NALA 



NALA is missing cycling.

Artwork painted by Bonfils Ngabonziza, Ivuka Art Center Kigali / Rwanda 2015



Hello Friends,

All the best regards from Kassel in Germany send your NALA.


As you certainly remember, had my journey be interrupted on the basis of repeated burglary and theft of my whole stuff in Kenya. That's why I'm here now with André in Germany.


We just have to be here to open the first NALA Office ... hui is a lot of work, but soon everything is ready, and then we go to Paris in France and collect all the other NALA Artworks. That will be another exciting journey, but this time with the car, and not by bicycle.


I miss cycling very much. I miss the colors of Africa. I miss the dirt tracks in the desert in Namibia, the animals in Botswana, the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe and Zambia, the lonely evenings at Lake Malawi, the mountain passes and tea plantations in Tanzania, the turquoise blue sea and the delicious fish in Zanzibar, the bustling city life Nairobi, Kenya, the coffee culture in Ethiopia, thousand hills of Rwanda and the always friendly and open people I have met daily.


I am looking forward to the Congo and the jungle, and what is behind it.

West Africa must be great and super interesting, but until then it will take quite a while. 


I hope to see you here on day at a NALA lounge.. be curious


I send your a wonderful evening


Yours NALA



NALA in Kigali

Artwork painted by Baptiste RukondoKigali / Rwanda 2015



Hello my friends,


Just a quick hello from Kigali in Rwanda, the country of 1000 hills, also considered the African Switzerland. I am standing here in the middle of Kigali, the capital of Rwanda and I am surprised how clean and neat the place is… unlike the other African countries I had visited so far.


There is no garbage in the road, every place is clean, no traffic jams, no pitch-black exhaust emissions and no noisy busses. I rode in the back of a motorbike twice and I even got a helmet to wear but it was 8 sizes too big. It kept spinning on my head while we were driving … hihihi.


But you know what the best about Rwanda is? You can buy cheese here, very delicious cheese and I stocked up on a lot of it. Yummy …cheese!


Otherwise it’s pretty quiet here; the people are very friendly, relaxed and calm.

The locals even call Kigali “the sleeping city”.


The last Saturday in the mounth is "Public Cleaning Day" All the shops are closed until noon and the People have to meet in Town to clean the City. What a nice event. I was always to tired to attend....


I am going to sleep now as well, it’s already dark outside. Tomorrow I plan in going to the country side … visiting a typical Rwandan village.


I will write you again when I am there.


Take good care,


Yours NALA



NALA Painting by Dolph Kayitankore, Ivuka Art Centre, Kigali / Rwanda



NALA Painting by Isakari Umuhire, Ivuka Art Centre, Kigali / Rwanda



NALA Painting by JMV Munezero, Ivuka Art Centre, Kigali / Rwanda