NALA Artworks from ANGOLA


This NALA Artwork was painted by Christiano Mangovo from Luanda / Angola.



The NALA project was established in 2013 -2016 during a 16,000 kilometer bicycle trip to the middle of Africa.


Driven by the idea of conquering the world and traveling behind the mountains,

a small South African girl decided to follow her dreams.

She left her safe home and followed the clouds and stars from South Africa to Kenya.


During her trip she met André, a cyclist from Leipzig.


Together, they met many helping and friendly people, including many artists who painted, carved and welded metal of NALA on their way through Africa.


So far, about 160 works of art have been created by 115 artists from 15 countries.

The NALA project website has since been visited by people from 157 countries.


In 2014, Jennifer Karch Verze stumbled upon the NALA website and got to know many Namibian Artists who participated in the Imago Mundi Art Project. 


In 2016, the NALA project brought 2 Malawian Woodcarvers to Nepal for the World Wood Day.


This year, the NALA project was able to combine two art projects with African artists.


1. World Wood Day 2018 in Angkor What, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Naze Abdou which works in Taiwan discovered the NALA website, and asked for artists, especially woodcarvers from Africa.

NALA mediated thus wood sculptors from Zambia, Tanzania and Malawi.


2nd II World Summit of the Arts for Peace and Life in Quito, Ecuador


Renato Reúl Ulloa discovered the NALA website and also asked about artists.

The NALA Project also brought many artists from Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Switzerland. 


We hope now in the future for artistic and peaceful friendships between people from many countries of the world.


We wish you a creative and peaceful time.