Featured Artists from ZANZIBAR

Jamila Mzee Mataka (left) and  Mwanakhamis  Mohamed Ali  (not on the photo)

Jamila Mataka (left) with Najma Ameir Khamis from the Hurumzi Henna Art Gallery
Jamila Mataka (left) with Najma Ameir Khamis from the Hurumzi Henna Art Gallery

Artist:                                 Jamila Mzee Mataka (left) and
                                            Mwanakhamis  Mohamed Ali  (not on the photo)
Residence today:              Stone Town / Zanzibar
Occupation:                       Visual Artists
Workplace:                         Hurumzi Art Gallery
                                            Hurumzi street 242
                                            Stone Town / Zanzibar
Majors:                               Henna Art Paintings in Acrylic, Prints,
                                            Henna Body Paintings


Tel:                                     +255 774 039 006


Email:                                 hurumzhennagallery@gmail.com
Web:                                   https://www.facebook.com/HurumziHennaArtGallery



The women of Hurumzi Henna Art Gallery transform traditional henna body arts into paintings and prints .

Using a centuries old tradition of adorning women’s hands and feet for celebrations such as weddings and festivals, the artists translate the patterns of the body art onto canvas creating a new and soon to be iconic art style through their elaborate paintings.

What began as a workshop for 10 women henna artists in 2007 became a thriving women’s cooperative engendering an entirely new style of painting.

The results are vibrant and exciting designs characterized by swirling forms and bold floral motifs surrounded by repeating background patterns. This style is uniquely their own; it does not resemble other East African painting styles and represents the exciting creation of what is clearly a Zanzibari invention.Within the larger style each woman has her own unique way of working with motif, color and pattern.

The Hurumzi Henna Art Gallery is changing women’s lives, producing a new artistic style and beneficial means of income that has improved their way of life.

On most days, you may visit the women painting and printmaking in their art studio above the gallery at 242 Hurumzi Street in Stone Town, Zanzibar.

Artist:                             Sharifa Juma Mohammed


Place of birth                  Zanzibar

Date of Birth                    ?

Residence today:           Stone Town / Zanzibar

Occupation:                    Visual Artist

Workplace:                     Sherry Henna Art Studio

                                       Hurumzi street 225

                                       Stone Town / Zanzibar

Majors:                            Henna Art Paintings in                                                   Acrylic


Tel:                                  +255 773 677 116

Email:                             queensherry2@gmail.com