Artistas de Cuba



Asiel´s Biography is coming soon

Title: between poetry and reality

Size: 80 cm x 60 cm, Oil on Canvas

The central character is me, who, as the title says, I find myself between two dilemmas, that is, poetry, which is the need to lose myself between spots and colors, that is, the pictorial language that is poetry for me and on the other hand the pot, carderos and others reflect the daily struggle that we must have for subsistence, for the elemental to live, it is a struggle between the emotional and the physical, in these times of pandemic and shortage.

Title: fakir

Medium: drawing, black crallola and chalk on paper


All this composition with the top apple are nothing more than my new searches to achieve a suggestive and harmonious composition, that is, a new style that I want to avor and in that direction I aim.



toda esta composición con la manzana ensima no son más que mis nuevas búsquedas para lograr una composición sugerente y armoniosa ,es decir ,un nuevo estilo que quiero avordar y en esa dirección apunto.