Featured Artists from ZIMBABWE

Artist:                            Zandile Masuku
Place of birth: Bulawayo, Zimbabwe  Date of birth:  ?
Residence today:  Bulawayo / Zimbabwe  Occupation: Visual Artist
Workplace:  Studio 6, National Art Gallery in Bulawayo / Zimbabwe
Majors: Paintings in acrylic on paper


Email:  zandi365@gmail.com


Artist Statement


There are two sides to every story and two sides to a coin. Conflicts exist between all forces in nature. In our contemporary culture we are confronted by our interface with technology. On the other hand technological advancement occurs at the expense of our Environment.


We are taught that we need to innovate and aspire towards zero emissions. To reach this goal our lifestyles must change. One day oil will run out and we will see a major energy shift if we live long enough. Although we are offered the dissolving of the political borders that separate our countries and now have the internet which gives us the opportunity to stay connected. I would like to invite the viewers of my work to look beyond their everyday lives and remember our finite resources and begin to lead eco-hybrid lives and take on hybrid identities.


I am fascinated by the symbolic significance of circles, cycles, spheres and dots. I use these to express my true nature. My work is spiritual and emotional and I hope it will be thought provoking to all those who view it. The main concepts I am dealing with are our connection to each other through cyber space, our bodies as spheres of energy and influence in relation to the spaces they occupy, our societies and how we adapt to the change we need to save our planet from the effects of the climate change and our planets relationship to other planets in our galaxy and beyond.


The methodology I work in involves a process of movement 360 degrees. Each piece is balanced in all four directions. Just like the four elements that exist in nature. So if it is not the medium being turned 360 degrees it is my hand or arm being turned 360 degrees. I use acrylic paint as it allows me to build up layers to achieve the geometric balance I strive to attain in the abstract work I produce. I believe that in this process of working I allow God to reveal his omnipresence in my work as there certain elements I allow to chance and these belong to a higher power.


Weblinks:   http://www.nationalgallerybyo.com/connecting-dots-zandile-masuku


Artist:  Brian Kumira
Place of birth:  Bulawayo, Zimbabwe  Date of birth: October 1977
Residence today: Bulawayo / Zimbabwe  Occupation: Visual Artist
Workplace: Studio 10, National Art Gallery in Bulawayo / Zimbabwe
Majors: Paintings in oil and acryl




Brian is not submited his Biography yet. (hopefully is coming soon)


Artist: Richard Mteki
Place of birth: Harare, Zimbabwe  Date of birth: 1947
Residence today: Harare / Zimbabwe  Occupation: Sculptor
Workplace: Harare  Majors:  Stone sculpture (Shona Sculptures) made out of springstone, black serptine, verdite


Tel:  +263 772310303  or write a message via "contact": 

Art Statement Richard Mteki


A First Generation sculptor, Richard Mteki was born in Harare, Zimbabwe in 1947.


Richard's elder brother, Boira, was one of the first of the Zimbabwean sculptors who's work astounded the international art world when it first emerged about 40 years ago.


Following his brother's footsteps and influenced by his example and success, Mteki trained at the B.A.T. Workshop School in the National Gallery. In the late 60's Mteki's work started to attract international attention, and in 1973 he left to work at home independently.


His first work was exhibited in the Annual Exhibition of the National Gallery of Zimbabwe in 1965 and was also shown in that prestigious show in 1968, 1981, 1983, 1985, 1987,1988, and 1992.


Many of his finest pieces are part of the permanent collection in the National Gallery of Zimbabwe.


His work as also been included in the following additional international exhibitions:


+ Chicago International Art Exposition, Chicago, IL; USA

+ International Gallery Invitational, Jacob Javits Center, New York, NY, USA


Richard normal works on springstone, black serptine, verdite.


For more info check on the internet.


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Artist:  Tafadzwa Gwetai
Place of birth:  Bulawayo, Zimbabwe  Date of birth: unknown
Residence today: Bulawayo / Zimbabwe  Occupation: Visual Artist
Workplace: Studio 6, The National Art Gallery in Bulawayo / Zimbabwe
Majors:  Paintings in Oil, Wooden sculptures,


Email:  tafadzwagwetai@gmail.com  

Website:  https://tgwetai.wordpress.com/about/



Tafadzwa Gwetai is a Zimbabwean visual artist, painter, sculptor and emerging curator  who uses mediums such as oil paint,  mixed medium and found objects. He holds a Btech; Creative Art & Design (hons) Degree from the University of Chihnoyi, Zimbabwe. Gwetai has been actively involved in the arts since 2001 to date. He has participated in various local as well as international exhibitions including but not limited to the exhibition, Between the Sheets Artists Books (Gallery East, Australia),  and the exhibition,  Colour Africa (Munich).  He has also had four solo exhibitions to date, with the most recent being, “Aesthetic Codes: When Science meets Art” (2012). Aesthetic codes was an exhibition that dealt with the human individual identity through exploring art, science and mathematics. He engages the number system using mathematics as a form of design. He reintroduces and redefines mathematics with science and logic to create a new language.  A language that challenges the very core of industry and its relevance to mankind.  He views our existence as having been transformed into a virtual reality based paper work and documentation.


Gwetai has been a resident artist at the National Art Gallery, Bulawayo  from September 2008  to date. Prior to this, he has been a Resident Artist at Gallery Delta in Harare from 2006-2008 where he acquired both artistic and curatorship training under the guidance of Hellen Leiros (artist and founder of Gallery Delta) and Derek Huggins (Director and founder of Gallery Delta). To date he has curetted over ten exhibitions.


Tafadzwa Gwetai explores the human condition and how mankind has redefined themselves and their basic existence. Existentialist philosophy such as that of Rene Descartes and Plato who challenged the existence of man and founded the concept of ‘I think therefore I am’. This influenced his line of thought to that of challenging the purpose and meaning of mankind’s existence.



2011    1st Place- European Union  (National Art Gallery of Zimbabwe, Harare);

2010:   1st Place- Stanbic Bank Meeting Point (Competition & Exhibition), (National Art Gallery of Zimbabwe Harare);

2010:   3rd Place- FACET Zimbabwe Now (Competition and Exhibition of Paintings, graphics and multi-media sculpture by Federal Republic of Germany- Gallery Delta);

2010:   Award of Merit- Summer Exhibition (Gallery Delta);

2008:   2nd Place (graphics) – Post Election Selection: The Event and Lessons Learned       

Paintings and Graphics exhibition sponsored by The Swiss Embassy, Gallery Delta

2007:   Award of Special Mention- Peace through Unity in Diversity art competition            sponsored by    European Union, Gallery Delta;

2006    Awarded the University Book Prize (Chinhoyi University of Technology)



2012:   Aesthetic Codes: When Science Meets Art

2010:   The Incredible Discovery of Professor T. Gwetai (National Art Gallery, Bulawayo)

2007:   Laying Down of Thoughts (Gallery Delta);

2001:   Blind Rise (the National Art Gallery, Bulawayo)



2012:   Summer Exhibition (Gallery Delta, Harare)

2012:   Between the Sheets Artists Books. (Gallery East, Australia)

2012:   The spirit of friendship (An exhibition by the Spanish Embassy)

2011:   Summer Exhibition. (Gallery Delta)

2011:   Freedom Revisited- European Union (Gallery Delta Harare);

2011:   Colour Africa (Munich);

2011:   Art Zimbabwe Today (Gallery Delta.Harare);

2011:   Still life objects (Gallery Delta.Harare);

2011:   Spirit Level (Empire Gallery, Bulawayo)

2010:   Summer Exhibition (Gallery Delta, Harare);

2010    Stanbic Bank Meeting Point (National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Harare); and

2010:   FACET Zimbabwe Now (Competition and Exhibition);



2012:   Bulawayo Avant-Garde.A group exhibition by Visual Artist Association of                           Bulawayo. (National Art Gallery, Bulawayo)

2011:   Turning point: transformation unlocked (Empire Gallery, Bulawayo)

2011:   Spirit Level, setting the Balance (Empire Gallery, Bulawayo)

2011:   Turning point: transformation unlocked (Empire Gallery, Bulawayo)

2011:   Spirit Level, setting the Balance (Empire Gallery, Bulawayo

2009:   EXPOSURE. A photography Exhibition by Oria Dale and Gabrielle Elkaim-                       National Arts Gallery in Bulawayo;

2009:   Women Speak. An exhibition designed to show case the vibrant work of women               artists- National Art Gallery, Bulawayo.

2009:   Piece for your Hut: Peace for your Heart. A painting exhibition by Aubrey Bango.                    National Art Gallery, Bulawayo.

2009:   Legalise Art: an exhibition designed to give a plat form for experimental art.

2009:   LegaliseArt2: Made In Bulawayo. An exhibition designed to give a platform for                 experimental art.

2009:   The time has come- A painting exhibition by Nompilo Nkomo, National Gallery,                 Bulawayo.

2008:   The Young Artist’s Exhibition of Recent Works (Gallery Delta, Harare).



2009:   22nd Annual VAAB group exhibition (National Art Gallery, Bulawayo);

2009:   Healing Through Art by Jezanna Art Exhibition (Bulawayo Theatre,Bulawayo);

2009:   Harare International Festival of the Arts Fine Art exhibition (National Arts

            Gallery, Harare);

2009:   Harare International Festival of the Arts Commissioning for SKY WORKS.

2009:   From Confrontation to Reconciliation (National Art Gallery, Bulawayo);

2009:   Unity Exhibition (Gallery Delta, Harare);

2009:   Walls Exhibition (Gallery Delta, Harare).

2008:   Let’s Get Together- Art competition consisting of paintings and graphics sponsored by Alliance Francais and the Embassies of Canada, Switzerland and France (Gallery Delta);

2008:   Discovering Our Identity- Annual Intwasa Arts Festival, Visual Arts (National Art               Gallery in Bulawayo);

2007:   The Young Artists Exhibition (Gallery Delta);

2007:   The Small Works Exhibition (Gallery Delta);

2007:   Paintings and Sculptures Exhibition, (Gallery Delta);

2007:   Three man exhibition entitled ‘Spirit Level’.

2002:   Transmission International Contemporary Art Exhibition. Manchester, England.

             Curated by Raphael Chikukwa.

2002:   Group exhibition. 16th Annual Visual Arts Association in Bulawayo Exhibition.

            Held at the National Art Gallery in Bulawayo.

2002:   Entitled ‘Private Positions’, a young artists exhibition of recent works. Held at the

            National Art Gallery in Bulawayo.

2001 – Entitled ‘Africa Exhibit’. Liebenweintuurm Burghausen, Germany.

1999 – Visual Artists Association of Bulawayo Group exhibition (National Art Gallery,)


Artist:  Stanley Sibanda
Place of birth: Lupane, Zimbabwe  Date of birth: 1975
Residence today: Bulawayo / Zimbabwe  Occupation: Visual Artist
Workplace:  Studio 8, The National Art Gallery in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
Majors: Paintings in Oil
Email: stanleysibanda@yahoo.com     stanleysibanda7@gmail.com

Cell:  +263 772 987 289         



Born  3. March 1975

Married in 2002 and have 2 children boy age 9 - girl age 2.


It all started when my mom realised my potential when I was playing so much with soil and dust making drawings on the ground. So when my dad could´nt afford paying school fees for three of us at O'level mom suggested I do art lessons. So I moved to town since we lived in rural then.


I trained at Mzilikazi Art and Craft Centre 1990-1993 then later wrote O'level Art. Employed by National Gallery in Bulawayo 1995-2004 mainly in sales department.


In 2005-2007 was a waiter at the coffee shop within gallery premises.


I would paint and submit my work in different exhibitions and sell well.The platform of sales became huge when I was a waiter. I would pull out a few pieces and show them to clients that way sometimes I made much money than of a salary in other months.


In 2003, I did a solo exhibition at the National Gallery in Bulawayo and the sales were good enough for inspiration.So I became a full time painter in 2003 and have participated in many different exhibitions.In 2007 I focused on art alone.So I have survived through painting alone since 2007.


I like using french ultramarine blue, its my favourable color. Most of my compositions are rural scenes maybe because the life absorbed in me so you would find goats, cattle, donkeys, sheep and women carrying buckets etc. This is what I used to see everyday as I grew up sometimes I paint through these memories. I'm trying hard to paint in different perspective and ideas.  


Artist:   Dumisani Ndlovu
Place of birth:  Lupane, Zimbabwe  Date of birth: 1969
Residence today: Bulawayo, Zimbabwe  Occupation: Visual Artist
Workplace: Studio 5, The National Art Gallery, Bulawayo / Zimbabwe
Majors: Collagraphy on Paper


Email:  dumiearts@gmail.com

Cell:     +263 772 478 325


I was born in 1969 in Lupane, Zimbabwe and currently work from the National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Bulawayo in a printmaking studio.

From 1991 to 1993 I trained in drawing and painting at the Mzilikazi Art and Craft Centre Bulawayo.

I have participated in numerous group exhibitions at home and abroad such as


”Zimbabwe Heritage 1993 – 1996”,

International exhibition of Graphics,Portland Art Museum, U.S.A” (1997),

“International exhibition ”Africa Exhibit” Germany” (2000) ,

“8th International exhibition of Prints and Drawings – Grafinnova” Finland (2002) and

“Visual Artists Association of Bulawayo” (VAAB) annual exhibitions since 1993.


Most of my work is collagraph – which is printing onto paper using a

pressure press to transfer the design from a plate onto the paper,

which also gives a textural relief to the design if I have used glue

or objects to create the relief.


Artist:  Nompilo Nkoma (left)
Place of birth:  Esgodini, Zimbabwe  Date of birth: 1980
Residence today: Bulawayo / Zimbabwe  Occupation:  Artist
Workplace:  Studio 3, The National Art Gallery, Bulawayo / Zimbabwe
Majors: Paintings on Paper with Watercolour and mixed media
Contact:  Nompilo not submitted any contact info´s.


Nompilo Nkoma, a radiant, determined and full of life artist, born seven month after Zimbabwe´s independence, on 25.12.1980. A brilliant artist and an amazing woman who captivates the hearts, minds and spirits of those who engage with her. Not only is she talented and a progressive artist, but most importantly Nompilo is a strong activist for people who are physically challenged like her self. Unlike most artists Nompilo uses her feet to paint and to do almost every. Her hands and waist are weak: as a result she is labeled as “dis-abled”. Nompilo´s work shows that, even through she is physically challenged, she has ability to create beauty unlike most people who are considered “able” do not have the courage or discipline to explore their creative side.


Early child days were spend in rual Esgodini. At a very early age Nompilo´s mother passed on, the responsibility to care for Nompilo was then taken on by her grandmother. In June 2005, Nompilo´s father passed on, leaving her to join the ever growing number of African orphans on the continent.


Since 2005 The National Council of Disable Person of Zimbabwe (NCDPZ) supported Nompilo financially by paying for her form 1 – form 4 school fees at Danhiko School in Harare and Mzilikazi Art and Craft Center from 2003 – 2006.


On completion of the course in 2006, Nompilo was awarded a grant by Mrs. Lillian Fonds at the recommendation of NCDPZ to embark on a Visual Arts programme.

In addition NCDPZ has provited housing along the old Vic Falls (Mosi Oa Tunya) road, where she works on her visual practice mainly paintings and textiles.


In October 2006, The National Gallery of Bulawayo assisted Nompilo through the Outreach Programme with material and the opportunity to exhibit her works in the gallery. The Outreach Programme has helped to market her work through the Sabona Sales shop and via other markets locally and soon beyond the boarders of Zimbabwe.


Nompilo´s paintings and textiles capture, the diverse realities of Zimbabweans and Zimbabwe´s story the peoples experiences and encounters with religion, politics, the economy, food , love, gender issues, land and the natural environment, community life and death.





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