Hello, my name is NALA!


I am 8 years old and I live in a small village near Cape Town in South Africa.


While hanging up my daddy’s pink underwear on the line, during my domestic chores, I noticed the mountains in the background. They were shimmering a beautiful crimson pink at sunset.


I am curious about these majestic mountains and I would like to find out what lies beyond them. I have now decided that it is time to start my journey to satisfy my curiosity.


I shall share my experiences of the adventures, people and animals that I meet on this journey, if you visit me here on this website from time to time.

I hope your curiosity has been activated… and that I see you here soon.


Warm regards




PS: see my full story below




NALA is a 8 years old african girl who is growing up in a small village near Cape Town, South Africa. NALA has a Mother, a Father and two Brothers. She is the only girl in the family


The story began when NALA was 6 Years old, and that was the age when she started to help the mother in the house to do the domestic works. (washing of clothes and dishes, cleaning the house, shopping of groceries and sometimes cooking) while her brother can enjoy the free time outside with friends when he came back from school ( playing  football, cycling and having fun ) 


NALA is not allowed to visit the school because of her domestic work, but she like to go to the school, to learn, to explore, to be educated.  Her mother said, “you can learn to cook, clean and wash clothes, that’s enough”


One day, after NALA was outside hanging clothes on the washing line, she saw the mountains at the horizon and she was wondering what´s behind them. She was dreaming and in her dreams she was sit on a bicycle to explore the world behind the mountains. 

The dream stops when she heard her mother screaming “Naaaaallllaaaaaa”!!!


NALA and the mountains..., and from this time she was wishing to and that’s made her also sad, because she have never the chance to travel behind them, until she met a little bird, and the bird ask NALA "why you are so sad "?,

and NALA told him her story.


The bird said. If this is your dream to see the world behind the mountains, than you have to leave home. Listen to your heart and follow your dreams !!


NALA was thinking and she more think what the bird said, she more was curious to explore the “other world” 


One day, she started escaping from home. 

She got a lift with an old ambulance to a place called chicken country. She met many nice people, animals and she saw beautiful landscapes.


On a farm in the ostrich land she met a old farmer and he gave her an old purple bicycle and from this time she cycled almost every day. 


See the NALA Artworks and you know how far she cycled. Last Time in August 2014 when I updated this side, she was in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania after 12.300 km of cycling. 




First, I love to introduce my friend André Pilz.

He is Artist, and creative Head of this Project. André is situated in Cape Town, and that is where I met him.


André´s big dreams is, to see the Singer(Band) SADE, live in concert,

because he listens since 25 years to their music.

She inspired him many times during his creative painting works.


Again and again he catches himself checking surfing the Internet to search concerts of SADE, but nothing, no concert in reach.



After André found out, that SADE is touring in Europe and he could not

be present, he took in full sadness, pencil and a paper and started scribbling on it. During the drawings, SADE´s Song “Sally” was playing in the radio and suddenly a little face was watching at him, and as he continued drawing, a dress, 2 arms and 2 bambi-eyes were looking at him.


umm, well… so I was created..

Full of devotion, André took a brush and some paint and painted me on a piece of canvas. Well, there I was, painted but still dumb and nameless.


My Painting was hanging on his wall and became marvel and every time when somebody asked about the painting, André was telling the story and the developing of the following project.


André ask all his friends for help to find a name for me.

A lot of friends came up with interesting names, but non of the names seemed to right, but Elvira, a good friend told abrupt “NALA” a part of his pseudonym NAWALA.


Well, I was born…. NALA




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