André´s Vision is to work with artists and creative people along the way through Africa.

Those Artworks should tell a story, a peaceful story, which crosses boundaries and connects people.


In every country we visit, we create NALA artwork with local artists. 


It can be a painting on canvas, a painting on the wall, a sculpture made out of stone, wood or other materials.


The results will be shown in the the section Artworks in ZA, NAM, ZW  and Artworks in ZW together with an documentation of the make of. The Artisis which are involved in the Project you can find here

Featured Artists


The vision is to exhibit all NALA Artworks from Africa in a Gallery in London / UK and maybe other european Metropolis. We are thinking also to held a NALA Exhibition in Nairobi / Kenia.

(but not 100 percent sure yet ( update 21.7.2014 )


The Vision is also to make the Artists, who joined the NALA project a little bit more well known. It will give the Artists the change for international exposure. 


Sometimes Andre makes his own Paintings to sale. A bit of the amount he will donate for charity projects, especially for education and for childrens.



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