The Artists from Ethiopia which participate in The NALA Project are:

(in alphabetical order) 


Abduikader Mohammed, Binijam Tadesse, Birhanu Tena, Biruk Tadesse,

Dariwos Hailemichael, Dereje Shiferaw, Emmanuel Tegene,

Ephrem Solomon Tegegne, Eskinder GirmayEyerusalem Teka,

Hailu Kifle, Kidist Solomon, Kiros Ashenafi, Kirubel Melke,

Lulit Melaku, Mehari Teshome, Mengistu Alemayehu, Natnael Yared,

Tamrat Gezahegne, Tewodros Bekele, Tsega Tesfu, Yared Tadesse,

Yemisirach Worku, Yidnekachew Dawid, Yohannes Sebeseba, Yonas Melesa,

Zelalem Merga.


Hailu Kifle


Place of birth:  Dessie / Ethiopia  Date of birth: 1984

Residence today:  Addis Ababa / Ethiopia   Workplace:  Addis Ababa / Ethiopia

Hailu is working for the Entoto TVET college Fine Arts Department as a Assistant Lecturer  Majors:  Imprint and paper peel technique


Tel:  +251 91 180 9722  Email:




Art means for me " It's a way of understanding and expressing feelings, thought & ideas. It is a means to express my self in my own way".




Hailu Kifle was born in 1984 in Dessie and graduated from AAU, School of fine Art and Design in Graphics.

Hailu is working for the Entoto TVET college Fine Arts Department as a Assistant Lecturer and currently he is working also at AAU as a Part-timer.

Finally he participated in different solo & group Art Exhibitions.



Art Statement


I love history. I have to fascinate history than other knowledge.

I appreciate and respect our father’s wisdom, patriotism and commitment.


The subject matter is STAMP my intention of using the stamp is to respect our history, how the diction that the stamps carry can affect the quality of life.

(Especially sociopolitical aspect of current time) I also aim to enable us to interrogate and evaluate the decisions.



In order to imprint my feeling and thoughts using the stamps.

I coined the stamps from ancient. Historical, current and personal ones by modifying their form, size and even the information they carry. and I use also my finger print. 


Paper peel

Is an artistic technique in Graphic Art in which an image is peeling in tot he surface of paper, with the unwanted surface are removed the area to show „gray“ are peel away with a cutter, leaving the characters or image to show in “black” at the original surface level.

It is a new approach created by the artist.


Hailu Kifle




Yonas Melesa


Place of birth:  Addis Ababa / Ethiopia  Date of birth: 1982

Residence today: Addis Ababa / Ethiopia  Workplace:  Addis Ababa / Ethiopia

Majors:  Woodcut 


Tel:  +251 913136846   Email:




Entoto TVET College, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 2009Diploma, Fine Art / Graphics Art

The School of fine art and design certificate 2006

I was borne 1982  in Ethiopia, I am inspired NATURAL and ARTIFICAL Art and Communication Both technology and art are consideredartificial in that they are made by human beings through creativeaction which transcends the natural processes of all other livingorganisms.

Science aims to know; art endeavors to express wellsociety's, cultural university that is open to all. Art also serves asa channel of expression to release, elevate, and understand our inner conflicts, fears, and tensions as well as our aspirations, hopes and ideals. life us an artist by participating in many artistic and socialactivities I also paints and drawing using different material I thinksabout the media and space , that I should produce and reflects my artworks in my studio owing to I growing understanding and strong beliefthat and can best be utilized to initiate reinforce  social  changes. 

I am this time full time studio artist

Exhibition Experience

Group Show Exhibition


· 2014  Sheraton Addis, Addis Ababa Ethiopia

· 2014  Kampala art Biennale 2014

· 2014  Addis art  fair 2014

· 2013  Sheraton Addis, Addis Ababa Ethiopia

· 2013  Ethiopia national association on intellectual disabilities

· 2013  Ethiopia creates (usa)

· 2012  Diani Beach Art Gallery ( Kenya )

· 2012  True flies Sanaaya Makaratasi: African Paper

  Art-Process, Substance and Environment (National Museum Nairobi )


· 2012  African union hole Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 2012

· 2011- Four Freedoms Art Competition, the United States of American Embassy,

             Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 2011

· 2009 - ENTOTO fin art School College  Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 2019

· 2006 - The School of fine art and design  2006

· 2002-  UNICEK Addis Ababa  Museum

Kirubel Melke


Place of birth: Addis Ababa / Ethiopia  Date of birth: 12. February 1983

Residence today: Addis Ababa / Ethiopia  Workplace:  Addis Ababa / Ethiopia

Majors:  Artworks in Fabric


Tel:  +251 913 43 64 69  Facebook:  Kirubel Melke 






Time, money and knowledge the three of these: all of them dividedly equal value in life.In your life you have potential to have all, but you only possess the one and the others are taken away by other hands,even sometimes or always including your chance is taken away.Man as a social animal might be happy or sad, these feelings indirectly will affect others.You can never be loner you can't be what you are feelings are found in other people heart or visa-verse Whether you love or not when you have time you might not have knowledge, when you have knowledge you might not have money,when you have money you might not get the time; But not only because of you are lazy it's because they are not willing to give back the time, knowledge and money you lost.Money is a common wealth of natural mine.But only few could get rich.May be those who get rich are snatching time, knowledge and money from other with

greed.If there is social injustice and misuse of social values it's impossible to get the three of them at once.The scar in our body is a sign of wound once we suffer in the past. My pieces of art carry today for tomorrow has to remember today.

Here in Africa, Ethiopia denim(jeans) is youth cloths, so i want to write the history and current situation of my generation by its materials.AS we know the history of revolution and struggle is raised by youth people. Most of jeans trousers that i uses as an art lost their cover of their pocket its indicate the lost of knowledge,time, and money of the individuals.



2013- Graduate from the college of performance and visual Arts with Bachelor of Arts in

Painting, Addis Ababa University.

2007- Graduate from National College in the field of marketing with diploma.

2001- Graduated High school education in Ayer Tena senior secondary school.

Two- person exhibition.

2015- ``wog`` art exhibition at Asni gallery, Addis Ababa

2014- Exhibition at galeni coffee art gallery, Addis Ababa.


Group exhibition

2015 - The 1st Kampala art auction at serena hotel, Uganda

2015 -" Art for all" 2nd annual art festival at cultural center, Addis Ababa

2015- THAT ART FAIR cape town, south Africa.

2014- ‘’nesta hasab’’ art festival at nesta art village, Addis Ababa.

2014- ‘’Art for all ‘’ annual art festival at national museum, Addis Ababa.

2014-Addis art fair 2014, at millioeum hall, Addis Ababa

2014- Participation in the performance art project: moving SOCIETY- ADDIS ABABA.

2013- Graduation project exhibition at Alle school of fine art and design academy                       gallery, Addis Ababa University

2013- FANA WOGI 2013, modern art museum  Gebrekirstos  Desta   center ,

          Addis Ababa university.

2013- Laphto art gallery Addis Ababa.

2012-‘’HA’’ exhibition at Alle school of fine arts & design academic gallery,

           Addis Ababa university.

2012-  konso cultural center , konso  Ethiopia

2012-  National museum, Addis Ababa

2011- “Face of women III’’at national theater art gallery, Addis Ababa.

2010- IOM international organization for migration, Addis Ababa. 


2015- Awarded finalist in the first Dashen art Award in painting & sculpture category.

Abduikader Mohammed


Place of birth: Addis Ababa / Ethiopia  Date of birth: July 1983

Residence today:  Addis Ababa / Ethiopia  Workplace:  Addis Ababa / Ethiopia

Majors: Paintings in oil


Tel:  +251 910 037 140  Email:


Mehari Teshome


Place of birth: Addis Ababa / Ethiopia  Date of birth:  4.July 1983

Residence today:  Addis Ababa / Ethiopia   Workplace:  Addis Ababa / Ethiopia

Majors:  Paintings in Oil


Tel:  +251  911 932 338  Email:


Zelalem Merga


Place of birth:  Addis Ababa / Ethiopia  Date of birth: 21.February 1989

Residence today: Addis Ababa / Ethiopia  Workplace:  Addis Ababa / Ethiopia

Majors: using junk materials to create portraits


Tel:  + 251 912 90 46 38  Email:

Facebook: Zola Freeman



I am Zelalem Merga, was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on 21st of Feb, 1989.


Graduated in 2013 with a BFA from Addis Ababa University Alle School of Fine Arts and Design (Graphics Department).


My work focuses primarily on portraits created by assembling found objects, disposable goods, and the leftover trash of things we consume in our society. I give the bite of junk to a canvas, which forms the image of portrait. The result is stunningly realistic portrait at a distance and an interesting array of objects up close. I am interested in communication through visual representation in apparent two dimensional spaces and also communicating through the actual objects used for the medium in three dimensional spaces. It is very important to me that I incorporate the actual objects in to the art as opposed to picture or rendition of it because it better expresses the intention of the art work. I feel the junk is more powerful being present it is an actual thing to be reckoned with that existed in this time and place and carries energy in and itself.


The result is a time capsule of objects that reflects our culture my assemblage art works have continued to encapsulate cultural change. For example, grey film canister tops used in my early junk portraits are very rare now as our society has moved to digital cameras. An phone used as shading on a cheek looks desired one year and archaic the next as society technology, consumable continue to change.


I Started making assemblage art so fell in love with stunning art made from old cassette tape Composite art most of my pieces become portrait of iconic figure I usually just take things a part and re-arrange them ways, cutting away pieces when necessary a lot of my art is made with old cassette cover, cassette ribbon, mobile covers, watch and button etc. Inspired by some strange ideas. How at one level cellular beings and another we are single “self “ The single cassette tape I thought of as representing the mind .


The cassette ribbon represent our thoughts the data within .

Taking that data – bits of memory – and re – arrange them to form what we see as a face is my way of finding.

I think going to work every day surrounded by music.

Contact.  Mobile: 251+912 90 46 38


Lulit Melaku


Place of birth: Wolega / Ethiopia  Date of birth: 1987

Residence today:  Addis Ababa / Ethiopia  Workplace:  Addis Ababa / Ethiopia

Majors: Woodcut


Tel:  +251 913 03 48 84  Email:


Binijam Tadesse


Place of birth: Addis Ababa / Ethiopia  Date of birth: 1987

Residence today: Addis Ababa / Ethiopia  Workplace:  Addis Ababa / Ethiopia

Majors: Wood Cut 


Tel:  +251 940 65 73 50  Email:  No Email


Kidist Solomon


Kidist´s Contactdetails coming very soon, please be patient.


Tamrat Gezahegne


Place of birth:  Addis Ababa, Ethiopia  Date of birth:   unknown

Residence today:  Addis Ababa / Ethiopia  Workplace: Addis Ababa / Ethiopia

Majors: Paintings in Acrylic


Tel:   coming soon   Email:


Dereje Shiferaw


Place of birth:  Asmara, Eritrea  Date of birth:   unknown

Residence today:  Addis Ababa / Ethiopia  Workplace: Addis Ababa / Ethiopia

Majors:  Aquarell paintings


Tel:   coming soon   Email:                               


Eyerusalem Teka


Contactdetails coming very soon. 

Emmanuel Tegene


Place of birth:  Addis Ababa / Ethiopia  Date of birth:   unknown

Residence today:  Addis Ababa / Ethiopia  Workplace:  Addis Ababa / Ethiopia

Majors:  Paintings in Oil


Tel:   coming soon   Email:    


Eskinder Girmay


Place of birth:  Addis Ababa / Ethiopia  Date of birth: unknown

Residence today:  Addis Ababa / Ethiopia   Workplace:  Addis Ababa / Ethiopia

Majors:  Woodcut


Tel:  +251 912 35 44 56  Email:


Biruk Tadesse


Place of birth:  Addis Ababa / Ethiopia  Date of birth: 1984

Residence today:  Addis Ababa / Ethiopia Occupation:  Art Student, Gratuated 2015

Workplace:  Addis Ababa / Ethiopia

Majors:  Woodcut and Drawings in Watercolor and Ink


Tel:  +251 911 61 62 48  Facebook:  lignaty lignaty


Kiros Ashenafi


Place of birth:  Addis Ababa / Ethiopia  Date of birth:  30. August1986

Residence today:  Addis Ababa / Ethiopia

Occupation: Visual Artist, gratuated 2015 Workplace:  Addis Ababa / Ethiopia

Majors:  Paintings in Acrylic and Woodcut


Tel:  +251 924 43 69 40   Email:

Facebook:  kiros12ashenafi  

Natnael Yared


Place of birth:  Addis Ababa / Ethiopia   Date of birth:   unknown

Residence today:  Addis Ababa / Ethiopia  Occupation: Visual Artist, gratuated 2015

Workplace: Addis Ababa / Ethiopia  Majors:  Painting in Acrylic


Tel:  +251 921 75 39 58  Facebook:  Lignaty Lignaty


Tsega Tesfu


Place of birth:  Addis Ababa / Ethiopia  Date of birth: 1988

Residence today: Addis Ababa / Ethiopia

Occupation:  Visual Artist, gratuated 2015  Workplace: Addis Ababa / Ethiopia

Majors:  Collage, Paintings in Acrylic


Tel:  +251 911 81 07 53   Email:

Facebook: Tsega Tesfu     


Yohannes Sebeseba


Place of birth: Addis Ababa / Ethiopia  Date of birth: 1994

Residence today:  Addis Ababa / Ethiopia  Occupation: Visual Artist, gratuated 2015 

Workplace:  Addis Ababa / Ethiopia  Majors:  Sculptures


Tel:  + 251 921 05 88 99 Email:


Dariwos Hailemichael



Place of birth: Addis Ababa / Ethiopia  Date of birth:  27.October 1988

Residence today:  Addis Ababa / Ethiopia  Workplace:  Addis Ababa / Ethiopia

Majors:  using old Oil plastic canister to create Artworks


Tel:  +251 910 55 05 56  Email:

Facebook:  dariwos fuas


Tewodros Bekele



Place of birth: Addis Ababa / Ethiopia  Date of birth: 1984

Residence today:  Addis Ababa / Ethiopia Workplace:  Addis Ababa / Ethiopia

Majors:  Using recycling materials like plastik bottles and candy paper to create unique sculptures.


Tel:  +251 912 36 30 30  Email:



Tewodros Bekele, born in Addis Ababa in 1984, graduated in 2004 from the

Alle School of Fine Arts and Design, Addis Ababa University.


Bekele works on different art projects, especially on installations. He says that art is a way for him to express and to relieve his experiences and emotions, both conscious and unconscious.


Bekele was the 2012 winner of the annual open call Fana Wogi, for his installation work with recycled plastic bottles, demonstrating the use of something old to create something new.


He continues working with recycled materials to demonstrate the permanent change and the movement of the world. Recently he has developed a unique artistic style utilizing the Medium of collage by using recycled plastic packages from different kinds of gums, candy, and biscuits.


Ephrem Solomon Tegegn

Place of birth: Addis Ababa / Ethiopia  Date of birth: 28.January 1983
Residence today: Addis Ababa / Ethiopia  Workplace: Addis Ababa / Ethiopia
Majors: Engravings and woodcut in MDF wood


Tel: +251 911 458 137  Email:




Ephrem Solomon's work differs from the prevailing artistic style in Ethiopiain many ways. Although his art is also two-dimensional and on canvas, a strong graphic emphasis makes it stand out from the ever-dominant paintings, be they figurative or abstract.


Solomon was born in Addis Ababa in 1983, and developed an interest in art early. After high school he studied fine art and graphic design, which shows in his portfolio. His works is often very descriptive and literal, focusing on the world around him; the city of Addis, its people, places, spaces and nature. Objects such as the signature chair and slippers are incorporated as a reflection on broader political and social themes.


"My works portrays the distance between what the governed people need and want and what the response is from the governors. I have tried to picture, as precisely as possible, the actual and innocent feeling of the governed," Solomon says.


With a limited colour-scale and somewhat minimalistic style, Solomon combines the tradition of woodcut and collage with graphic design, and creates compelling contemporary artworks that balance different styles, traditions and eras. "In a world where newness has become a value in and of itself, I am more moved by the compliment that what I am doing technically feels like something from the past, while embodying something that is currently relevant," he says.


Solomon reflects on the different dimensions of society and time that he experiences in contemporary Ethiopia, where modern and traditional lifestyles both clash and go hand-in-hand – creating a tension that serves as an ideal playground for an artist.

Bits and pieces of old newspaper get a new life in Solomon's hands, meticulously combined to form a patchwork on which his signature chairs and slippers stand out. Asked about the symbolism of the objects, he said the slippers represented the "ways and manners" shared with society while the chairs "symbolise the walk of an individual stepping onto the slipper's journey".


Against this backdrop, elements often perform solo – installing a sense of loneliness and absence. Nobody is sitting on the chairs, nor wearing the slippers, and people are always alone. This feeling is only emphasised by the limited colour-scope. According to Solomon this reflects a "…simplicity drawn from my personal life and experience within myself and the surrounding society, simply describing in an easy going way life".

However, he often adds strong contrasting full bright colours to place the focus on particular objects or planes.


At once minimalistic and naïve and drawing on tradition in a contemporary scope, Solomon navigates in a vacuum of time and space, introducing viewers to elements of Ethiopian life while at once reflecting critically on them. His graphic style and signature elements provide the observer with an at once aesthetic and thought-provoking experience.


Berhanu Tena


Place of birth: Addis Ababa / Ethiopia  Date of birth:  1982

Residence today:  Addis Ababa / Ethiopia  Workplace: Addis Ababa / Ethiopia

Majors:  Woodcut


Tel:   +251 910 31 87 79  Email: No Email