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I introduce you to the Artists and you see the development of the artworks incl. studio shots     and much more. 



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The 5th NALA painting day was held in an orphants home called "The Nest" in Limuru, approx 30km out of Nairobi, Kenya.


If you want to see more photos of the painting day, than have a look at the right navigation  (The NALA Painting Day) or click here. 



4. NALA Exhibition

at the Michael Joseph Center ( Safaricom Building ) in Westlands, 

Nairobi, Kenya on 18.November 2015

Preparation of the 4.NALA Exhibition



Opening of the 4th NALA Exhibition ( first international NALA exhibition )

18.November 2015 at the Michael Joseph Center, Safaricom HQ Building,

Nairobi / Kenya


First event after opening.  

" Woman in Business" approx 150 visitors.



Second event after the NALA Exhibition Opening.

Little Jazzfestival, only for invited people.

I enjoyed small delicious fingerfood and freshly made juice. 

There where approx 200 people, and I spoked to Bob Collymore (the CEO of Safaricom) and explaned him The NALA Project. Few Ambassadors of different countries where also invited and other top manager and company owners.



Dismantle of the NALA Exhibition


A big "Thank YOU" goes to my hard working helper, Joan OtienoNur Jeffrah and

Nyokabi Mary, they helped my to display and dismantle the NALA exhibition. 

You can find them at the Railways Art Studio in Nairobi, Kenya


Thank you very much, Guys. 


Studioshots at the Brush Tu Art Studio in Buruburu, Nairobi

Artists: Michael Musyoka, Elias Mungora, David Thuku and Boniface Maina.

13. April. - 20. April 2015


Scrap metal NALA Workshop with Sculptor George Ngaruyia from the Art Gallery in Ngecha. We made few "heavy metal Nala´s and we had lot of fun to do that. George Ngaruiya gives also Painting workshops.


11.April 2015


This NALA Painting Day was organized by Esther Mukuhi and George Thuita, two Artists from the Darubini Art Centre in Kiserian, approx 30 km out of Nairobi, Kenya.


Kids from the Village who start painting and drawing had much fun while create some NALA Artworks. They are not finished yet. The results are shown in the 3rd NALA Exhibition in Nairobi and here on this website later. 


Thanks to Esther and George.


3. April 2015

We sticked Poster in Nairobi Town to search NALA and the Sade Fanbook.

1.April 2014

2 Years "on the road"

2 years The NALA Project