The NALA Project

A Journey through Africa to the voice of soul

Explore your visions, live your dreams...let them become true.

Do what you wish to do and don’t ask if it’s useful or trendy, if others like it or find it silly.


If you think that something is good for you, then do it, and you will never regret a missed chance.


Follow your inner voice


Together with African artists that I've met during my bicycle journey from Cape Town to London, we've created NALA artworks.


The Artworks, I will show in exhibitions in Europe (preferably London) and other European Metropolis as well as few Cities in Africa.


The Artwork tells the tale of Little NALA, a eight year old South African girl who is following her dreams, to see what's behind the mountains.


She is currently in Nairobi / Kenya after 14.300 kilometers of cycling.


One day, whilst listening to SADE's song, Sally, NALA was brought to life.


If you are an artist and you`d like to participate in the NALA Project,

please click here for more information. 



Well guys, if you want and if you are in the mood to support me on my tour – be it as messages, as inspirations, as thoughts, as recommendations, as assistance or whatever you can think of, then you are very welcome here.


Just look here once in a while.


See you,

André and NALA

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