NALA Artworks from UGANDA


NALA in the Rain

Digitalart made by Martin Agaba, ( 3rd year student 2015 )

Margeret Trowel School of Industrial and fine Art, Makerere University,) 

Kampala/ Uganda 2015



Sometimes, or by now it’s actually most times, I have to travel in the rain. It’s always heavy rain that doesn’t last long but quickly floods the road and I have to stop to seek shelter.


It’s not that I don’t like water, but it doesn’t have to come from aboce when I am on my bicycle. I do carry a rain coat but it’s usually at the bottom of my bag. I have to rearrange my luggage as soon as possible and put the rain coat on top because it is raining season after all.


I always look to find shelter where I can wait for the rain to be over. But sometimes I can’t find anything and I have to just wait in the rain.


When I think of all those places on my journey where I had sought shelter from the rain


… under many porch roofs of little shops where the owners pestered me with questions

… a school full of 200 giggly children

… an abandoned kindergarten littered with old toys

… under a thatched roof that didn’t hold off the rain and I got soaked anyway

… under the porch roof of a bar where locals offered me homemade liquor which I               refused of course

… a little shop along a mud road which filled up quickly with many people seeking               shelter as well, too many for the little shop and it was quite a unique odour                       experience.


Sometimes I just waited underneath a banana tree because its big leaves are a wonderful shelter from the rain. And other times I pitched my tent quickly and crawled in there to not get soaked.


Today I didn’t get soaked, but I am very tired … too tired to brush my teeth!


I wish you a wonderful sunny day


Yours NALA



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