ARTWORKS - NALA in South Africa


Here you see my Artworks, which made in South Africa.


I will introduce you to the Artists, which join the Project

and you get Infos about the development of the Artworks.


have fun

yours NALA


Name:                           André Pilz


Place of birth:             Leipzig / Germany 1971

Residence today:        on the road from Cape Town to London

Profession:                 Lightsign designer, Scenic painter,

                                   Property stylist


Reference:                 Study of the traditional Ndebelle painting 

                                   Wall Art projects  in South Africa, Sweden,

                                   Germany, Madagascar, Qatar, Yemen, USA


                                     Art exhibitions (solo) in Doha / Qatar

                                    (group) in Leipzig, Wiesbaden / Germany

                                    Thun / Switzerland, Windhoek / Namibia



Contact:                      Email:    





Sheena explaned me how to weld
Sheena explaned me how to weld

NALA and the Chickens


Place of orign: Noll, Western Cape, Date: 17.2.2013


Collaboration:               André Pilz and

                                     Sheena Ridley ( as a lecture)



Name:                             Sheena Ridley

Place of birth / Year:      Harare, Zimbabwe 1964

Residence today:           Noll, Western Cape, South Africa

Occupation:                   Artist, Sculptress

Special subject:             pastels, oil paintings, sculptures in ferrocement,


Contact:                         web:







Place of orign: Table View, Cape Town, Date: 31.January 2013




Collaboration:              Nyarai N. and André Pilz 


Name:                             Nyarai N.

Place of birth / Year:      Harare, Zimbabwe 1974

Residence today:           Cape Town

Occupation:                   Sculptor

Special subject:             wood carvings and wire art,







This NALA sculpture is carved out of Mukwa wood, nicely sanded and with "KREIDEZEIT" high quality

bee wax polished. The wax is from controlled biological apiculture.


Mukwa wood is also known as Kiaat, it is hardwood from the southern Africa.





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