Featured Artists from NAMIBIA

The Artists who participate on the NALA project in Namibia are:

(in alphabetical order) 

Fillow Nghipandulwa,  Frans Uunona,  Heather Erdmann,  Ilovu Homateni,  

John Kalunda, Selma Iipinge,  Sunya Beukes , Tafadzwa Mitchel Gatsi (Tafy), 

Trianus Nakale. 
















Artist: Selma Iipinge


Place of birth: Etilahi Okaku Village, Owamboland / Namibia

Date of birth: 20.September 1988  Residence today: Windhoek / Namibia

Occupation: Visual Artist  College: The College of the Arts Katutura, Windhoek 

Majors: Paintings in acrylic, mixed media artworks with beads, 


Contact: +264 81 6388509


Art is amazing, art is life that we aliving and art is what we do. Doing art without emotion, is like a chocolate cake without sugar


Art is not what you see, but art is what you do and make other artists and people 's see. I like beading and mixed media because those are very strong techniques


Art is life task and lends courage to both artists and views!!!!



Sunya Shahieda Beukes

Place of birth: WindhoekNamibia  Date of birth: February 1991
Residence today: Windhoek, Namibia  Occupation: Visual Artist 
College: The College of the Art, Katutura, Windhoek  Majors: Paintings in Acrylic
Contact: +264 81 7284186

Sunya Shahieda Beukes, known as Sue, was born on the 9th of february 1991.


I started drawing from a very young age after I saw my father draw something one day. Ever since art has always had a great impact on my life that's why I decided to go the college of the arts where I'm a 3rd year student, majoring in mixed media paintings and semi realistic drawings. The story on my painting is about how Nala has been exposed to the different cultires in Namibia, how warm and vibrant we are as people.


Artist: Trianus Nakale
Place of birth: Ekoka, Ohangwena Region, Namibia  Date of birth: 1986
Residence today: Windhoek, Namibia  Occupation: 3rd year Visual Art student (2013)
College: The College of the Arts Katutura, Windhoek 
Majors: Paintings on Paper using Watercolour and Ink.

My name is Trianus Nakale, I am born 1986 in Ekoka , Ohangwena region, Namibia. I am a 3rd year student at the College of Arts.  I study visual art (PDD) because I love Art, It is the healing of the nation. Trough Art I want to change the world and make it a better place to live in.



I exhibited at College of Arts twice.

2011, 2012 annual exhibition in October,


National Art Gallery of Namibia,  theme:

* Gender based violence on June 2013

* Franco Namibian Culture Centre, FNCC (land matters in art, march 2013)


* The NALA Exhibition, JMAG Gallery, Katutura / Windhoek / Namibia 18.July 2013


Artist: Heather Erdmann
Place of birth: Windhoek, Namibia  Date of birth: 12 April 1991
Residence today: Rehoboth, Namibia  Occupation: 3rd year Visual Art student (2013)
College: The College of the Arts Katutura, Windhoek 
Majors: Creating textiles with brown paper,  I specialize in Textiles and Printmaking
Contact:                            heather_erdmann@yahoo.com
Update:  2014 Heather moved to Cape Town, South Africa and study Photography
My name is Heather Erdmann, born on the 12 April 1991. I am currently studying Visual Arts at the College of the Arts, Katutura, Windhoek / Namibia.
I specialize in Textiles and Printmaking, breaking away from the traditional technique, especially in textiles. I recently discovered new way off doing textiles (creating textiles with brown paper).
All my artwork is portrayed in an abstract manner cause I enjoy doing abstract art.
My passion is photography... I spent a lot of time taking photo's. My dream is to become a Professional Photographer and an Active Art Activist for Rehoboth.
Rehoboth is where my heart and soul belongs and I would go through hell waters to represent Rehoboth.
Ek is 100 % n trotse baster!!!!















Artist: Tafadzwa Mitchell Gatsi  (Tafy)


Place of birth / year: Zimbabwe, 1992  Residence today: Windhoek, Namibia

Occupation: 3rd year Art Student in Visional Arts and Crafts ( 2013)

College: The College of Art, Katutura, Windhoek

Special subject: Painting in Acryl, Pencil drawings, Sculpture in Clay               


Contact:   tafadzwa.gatsi@gmail.com


My name is Tafadzwa Mitchell Gatsi, born 1992 in Zimbabwe. I am currently studing diploma in Visual Arts and Crafts and 2013 is my last year of my tree years study. My future view is to start my own ideal mural painting as a business. I look forward on teaching the younger generation of artists to advance their artistically skills.


I choose to study visual arts in order to improve my understanding of creative towards my art itself as it is my purpose and be able to produce great work of art which to viewers will love or inspired.












Artist: John Kalunda


Place of birth / year: Rundu, Namibia, 1986 Residence today:  Windhoek, Namibia

Occupation: 3rd year Art Student (2013) in Visional Arts and Crafts

College: The College of Art, Katutura, Windhoek

Majors: Painting in Acryl, mixed media, using found materials


Contact:                             +264 81 4746 051


My name is John Kalunda M.  I was born in 1986 in Kaguni (Rundu), Kavango Region, Namibia.

I started and compleded my education in Kavango. Throught my learning I discovered that arts is my life.

I decided to study it because it is my talent and it allowes me to express my feelings. I decided to come for my further studies for arts to the College of the Arts in Windhoek, the Capital City of Namibia.

I finishing my diploma in Arts in 2013.




2010 * Recycle Exhibition,  John Muafangejo Art Gallery, Katutura, Windhoek

2013 * GBV Exhibition, National Art Gallery, Windhoek

         * The Nala Project Exhibition, John Muafangejo Art Gallery, Katutura, Windhoek





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