NALA is currently in Switzerland.            ( June to October 2017)

She like the green landscapes, the turquoise Water of hundred of lakes, the funny cows and of course the fine chocolate and the delicious cheese. 


You can see here some Artworks which are made in Switzerland. 



NALA in the german fairytale "Sterntaler"

( Artwork painted by swiss Artist Ruth Truttmann from Aarau, Switzerland )



NALA, the little girl from Africa, finds herself in the German fairytale 'Sterntaler' again, because she gives away everything she has to the poor and finally encounters her creator naked.


It is an encounter in love, a moment of wonder ...


NALA is presented with a white dress and showered with pure gold. In the bright light she begins to see ...



NALA and " The Gift "

( Artwork by swiss Artist Jeanette Schmid from Lenzburg, Switzerland )



Hello friends.

You wonder why I have not reported for so long. 

There is one little surprise that guarantees „ kick you from the stool“ 

I call it  "The Gift",


On my journey through Africa, I was often very lonely, although I loved and appreciated loneliness, but sometimes I wish someone with whom I could share my adventures.


Someone who travels with me. who stands by me in bad times and good times and for laugh and cry. I hope that "this somebody" will accompany me one day.

He does not exist at the moment, but soon, and I'm looking forward to that too.


You do not know what I mean? Well, then wait until the next story.


be curious..


best regards

Yours NALA


Clay Workshop

in the Art Studio of Silvia Plüss, Oberentfelden (near Aarau) Switzerland.


More Infos on her Website: or on Facebook.



NALA´s own Art Exhibition in Switzerland.



NALA and the swiss traffic  ( by André Pilz )

Acrylic on Mdf Board with detailed woodcut.


NALA and Mia   (by André Pilz)

Acrylic on Mdf board with detailed woodcut.



NALA in Aarau   (by André Pilz)

Acrylic paint on Mdf board.



NALA and the swiss landscapes  (by André Pilz)

(Acrylic pant on Mdf boards)