Kampala - Rwanda  ( 5.January 2016 - 7. January 2016 )


I only cycled from Kampala to Masaka / Uganda. The rest to Kigali / Rwanda I could not cycling because of my strong Malaria sickness. I took a bus from Masaka to Kabale.


I crossed the Equator on 6.January 2016


From Kabale to the border of Rwanda, I cycled, because It was only 25km.

From the border to Kigali, I took also a bus. 



Kampala ( Chaos City )


In Kampala , I collected my first Malaria and went to Hospital for one day. The Tour goes on and with my malaria, I continued my way towards Rwanda. i crossed the Equator and reached Masaka. From Masaka I took a Bus to Kabale. From Kabala, I cycled to border with Rwanda. From there I took a car to kigali, the capital of Rwanda. 


This Time it was not possible to cycle the long way down. Malaria is very tricky. I felt very weak and could not get enough air for breathing. 


In Rwanda I collected my second Malaria. but this time it was not so worse. 


My Friend Torsten ( which cycled with me from Nairobi to Kampala ), catched the Malaria Tropica. He is still in Hospital in Leipzig. This Malaria demaged his inner organs. ( Kidneys)  He was nearly death, but he was really strong and survived.

 I hope he will full recover. 


André Pilz,

Kigali, 18. January 2016




Magamaga - Jinja - Lugazi - Kampala ( 18.December 2015 - 22.December 2015 )




Busia ( Border with Kenya ) - Nalweele - Iganga - Magamaga

( 16.December 2015 - 17.December 2015 )



Kampala / Uganda  ( June 2015 )


Busia (Border with Kenya) to Kampala