The NALA Painting Day


NALA mosaic created with people from Syria, Turkey and Ethiopia.


The first NALA workshop in the intercultural art workshop in the Wesertor district center.


In the intercultural art workshop, people of all origins make art together


Intercultural Art Workshop – kültürlerarasi sanat atölyesi – Интеркултурна арт-работилница


PHOTOS coming soon...



Photos from the 5. NALA Painting Day 

in an orphants home " The Nest " in Limuru near Nairobi / Kenya 

on 1. December 2015.


Those crayons and paper we gave to the kids, was also donated by 3rd year students from the primary school "Jury Gagarin" in Königsbrück near Dresden in Germany. 



And here all the little NALA Artworks from the Kids from Limuru.



Photos from the 4. NALA Painting Day in a primary school in Ziway ( Oromia ) Ethiopia on 13.October 2015



Below all the little NALA artworks from the little students from the School in Ziway, Ethiopia.



Donation of crayons, pencil, paintbrushes and paper by 3rd class students ( 3 A )

from the Jury - Gagarin Primary School in 01936 Königsbrück / Germany.


Those "School materials" I will hand over to kids in schools in the countryside in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda during my cycling trip. 


The Kids in East Africa should paint a little NALA Artwork which I send back to the Kids in Königsbrück.


Those "school materials" was donated by the 3rd class students (3a) of the Jury-Gagarin Primary school in Königsbrück / Germany
Those "school materials" was donated by the 3rd class students (3a) of the Jury-Gagarin Primary school in Königsbrück / Germany

This NALA Painting day was organized by Esther Mukuhi and George Thuita, two artists from the Darubini Art Centre in Kiserian, approx 30 km out of Nairobi, Kenya.

Kids from the Village who start painting and drawing had much fun while create some NALA Artworks. They are not finished yet. The results are shown in the 3rd NALA Exhibition in Nairobi and here on this website late. 

Thanks to Esther and George.


The 2nd NALA Painting Day was held on 5.February 2015 in the Jury Gagarin primary school in Königsbrück / Germany. It was nice and funny 3 hours.


After the slideshow about NALA´s Journey from Cape Town to Kenya, the kids create little artworks about NALA in Königsbrück.


Those little paintings will be also shown in the 3rd NALA exhibition in Nairobi, Kenya in (approx.) September 2015



And below the NALA Artworks from the 3a students from the "Jury Gagarin" School in Königsbrück.


The first NALA Painting Day was held on 24.September 2014 in the Dar es Salaam Independent School (DIS) near Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. First I introduced the NALA cycling tour with a 25 min Slideshow and after that, the Students started to paint NALA on her Trip through Tanzania. Those little Artworks I will also show in the next

NALA exhibition in Nairobi / Kenya in 2015. 

Here you can see all the little NALA Artworks from the students of the DIS School in Dar es Salaam.

NALA and me said THANKS to Fatma Al- Beity for Organize this Event.