I told you,that André had a big dream, to enjoy SADE live in concert,

but nothing was happen for years.

But as he snooped the internet in 2011, he discovered that SADE is touring Europe. He was happy but only for short period because while SADE was in Europe, André was in Cape Town/ South Africa.


That was how the Idea was born.




In the meantime, his dream came true, because he was so lucky to see SADE live in Las Vegas/USA and Leipzig/Germany.

Nevertheless he is still focused on his project. André still want´s that also other fans get the opportunity to enjoy SADE in concert, because with her music in the heart many things go easier.


Only to go by Bicycle trough Africa was to simple for him, so he asked me,NALA, If I would like to join him. I said "Yes!" and so we will do the tour together.


We startet 1.April 2013.





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