Project: Okahandja Park Kindergarden

The NALA Project

supported the Okahandja Park Development Organisation with donations through selling my "little NALA Artworks", made in Namibia by André Pilz.



The Okahandja Park Development Organisation was founded by Madlen Schiefer,

who also helped me with the NALA Project Office in Windhoek.

She organized and helped to build the new House for  Project Diana (see below)


Now she have her own project and It is time to help her through selling

my little NALA Artworks, which I made in Namibia while I stayed in Windhoek. 


About Okahandja Park Development Organisation

Okahandja Park Develoment Organisation was established to improve the lives of the people of Okahandja park informal settlement in Windhoek, Namibia.


Our mission is to improve early childhood education, youth activities and the general lives of people in Okahandja Park informal settlement, Windhoek, Namibia. We will do so by coordinating existing activities and projects and help their improvement and empower people to take action and responsibilities for themselves and for their community.


Here few links to follow her Project



Contact details:

Madlen Schiefer (Chairperson)   Cell: +264 (0) 817958618